Monday, June 18, 2007

The raucous world of black celebrity blogs

This is a good article on that whole black celebrity blog phenomenom. Did I spell that right? Anyways, I like all the blogs mentioned, except Media Take Out, that site is popular but nothing but straight up lies. Anyways, check it out....

BOSTON: Angel Laws, a 22-year-old college student in Jacksonville, North Carolina, merely wanted to poke fun at a celebrity. For the entry titled "Guess Who: Messed Up Feet Edition" on her gossip blog, Concrete Loop, Laws posted a photo of a pair of weathered bronze feet wrapped in strappy black sandals and hinted at the person's identity by commenting, "I guess all those years on the runway take a toll on the feet." Unfortunately for Laws, the owner of those feet, the model Iman, happens to read Concrete Loop.

Iman responded to the item on her MySpace page by uploading an image of herself and her husband, the rocker David Bowie, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's recent Costume Institute gala. For this event, Iman wore a white pantsuit with white shoes. In the caption, Iman wrote, "Decided to cover my feet up as Concreteloop would post how ugly my feet are."

Welcome to the raucous world of black celebrity blogs. Sites such as Media Take Out (, Concrete Loop (, and Young, Black and Fabulous ( are among the 10 most searched gossip blogs among Yahoo users, according to the Yahoo Buzz Index. They're joined by Crunk & Disorderly, Bossip, Cake and Ice Cream, and others, most of which have arrived in the past two years. The sites were created by gossip fans frustrated by the fact that their favorite mainstream gossip blogs - and magazines - seemed to limit their coverage to superstars such as Beyoncé, Halle Berry, or Will Smith, and paid little attention to celebrities such as Sanaa Lathan, Chris Brown, or Tracee Ellis Ross.

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