Monday, January 31, 2005

The Evolution of Ghetto Booty

I went to a strip club the other night, and I have to say one thing; I think that the black woman's ass is one of the seven wonders of the world. I just was sitting in my seat, chillin', and enjoying this female who was dancing for about an hour. She was young, fit and trim, and had a fat ass. So I thought to myself, why is the black woman's ass so fat?

One theory comes from a questionable website, but they do offer me a halfway decent explanation, and keep in mind the Hottentots (real name Khoikhoi) they talk about are one group of people in Africa:

In many characteristics Hottentots are biologically specialized for life in a hot and dry climate. One of these distinctive adaptations is steatopygia, which literally means "fat buttocks." This is a solution to the problem of how to store fat in preparation for times of little food and still be able to shed body heat in a hot climate. Most of the fat is bundled in one place – the buttocks – leaving the rest of the body lean so as to make it easy to lose heat. It is the human equivalent of the camel's hump.

This interview with a physician attributes ghetto booty (in the interview only attributed to African women) to a "body fat distribution pattern":

What was different was the shape of the buttocks. African women have a body fat distribution pattern that makes for very prominent buttocks, and this mimics high-grade lumbar lordosis. So the conclusion from these studies, which I also published, was that the degree of lumbar lordosis in African women is the same as that seen in Europeans, but that the shape of the buttocks is different in African females.

Very interesting is the story of Saartjie Baartman:

She was brought to England in 1810 and displayed as a side-show attraction in London and Paris to demonstrate the alleged anatomical distortions of the black female, particularly the size and shape of her buttocks. Bartmann was subjected to the pseudoscientific investigations of European researchers, including an infamous dissection after her death at the age of twenty-five, as well as to the voyeuristic and judgmental gaze of the general public.2

Shot, that kind of exploitation makes rap videos look like child's play. Interesting how things don't change.

On this forum, the question is asked: Why do the majority of black males have a sexual fixation on overly large female buttocks? It seems like the bigger the better. The best answer was this:
Many African women are descendants of the "Bantu," a beautiful tribe of well-proportioned people. Also, the point was made that historically, Greeks made monuments to shapely rear ends. Sculptures were made that highlighted this part of a woman's anatomy Read more about the Bantu people here!

In a debate about "throwing vs. running", this point is made:

Large buttocks in african's particularly south african women is apparently in response to long term selection of the !kung and surrounding peoples. Females must gain a certain amount of weight, sufficient to carry them through childbearing through potential times of shortages (i.e. for the !kung all the time). The age of where socially permissible reproduction begins at about the time women have accumulated this adipose mass, and spacing between offspring is timed to the

I will be doing more research, but this is what I got on a random, jaded, and somewhat mindless internet search. Hope that either answers questions or starts a quest for the answer. Or a quest for a beautiful black ass.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq, welcome to the Terrordome

First I'd like to give credit to Richmond Indymedia for breaking this disgusting story: Costumes from a 2004 Halloween party at Virginia Military Institute depicting cadets as Nazis, in blackface, and as “fairies” appeared at Richmond Indymedia on January 25 and sparked a debate over the meaning behind the costumes and disciplinary action against the cadets. Read this at Richmond Indymedia.

Check out this brief guide to Iraq's hollow elections. I can't believe it is being reported that the Iraqis are saying that its not so much who you vote for but the fact that you are voting. Those people have a long way to go to true liberation. Makes me think of Bob Marley's "Repemption Song" where he says, "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery." They have a long road ahead of them, but they won't truly overcome until they are liberated within.

When I think of Iraq now, the Shiites and their clerics, the Sunni suicide bombers (GW calls them "suiciders", which isn't a word), and the Kurds with their whole idea of breaking off into their own nation (which is to neighboring country Turkey what the seperate Palestinian state is to Israel) all topped off with young, freaked out US soldiers with itchy trigger fingers and plenty of leeway, I think of Public Enemy's classic "Welcome to the Terrordome" This addressed the confrontational nature of race relations in the early 90's. However, what Chuck was talking about is nothing compared to what's going to go down in Iraq. Peaceful democracy? Maybe, or maybe not. I just think that it will make what's happening here in the USA between the two parties look like Romper Room.

By way of the AwesomeBods Blog, I found this nice site No Equal Online.It's got a comic book superhero that hasn't been updated yet, but when they finish it, this will be hot!

Lying Media Bastards is a great site that is connected to a radio show. Mixes hip hop and political talk.

Metro TV Media could be a great site, but it pisses me off how they will have some nice clips of models, but then they will take them down and all you see is this guy acting like he's about to become the ruler of the modeling world. I suggest he takes down those clips of him "plotting" his takeover of hip hop modeling and show more women. I wanna see the women, fool, I don't want to see clips of you! I love the site, its local, DC representin', but damn. More women, please!

Check out NewJax for what is going on in the club scene in Florida.

Friday, January 28, 2005

News from the 'hood

I'm so tired. Been working like two jobs, and I'm about to go to bed. But, how about a couple of stories from the seedier side? Why do I put up urban stories? Because, this is where hip hop is from, and this is what most of these rappers rap about! I'm just doing the same thing the rappers are doing in bringing this stuff up! I wish more of these hip hop fashion rags would actually write about some of the stuff I highlight!

Crack Kills: A man on the streets experiences the death of his life in a pipe, on a bike, in a lot
Quote:"Out here hustlers, dope fiends, and whores in the game know me as Santa Claus," he says. "That's because I give out presents. Sometimes they're good. Sometimes they're not so good."

Something positive:Grants Help To Offer Jobs, Not Gangs Check out the City Of Long Beach Work Development

Why you shouldn't mess with hookers: A prostitute was busted yesterday for stabbing a Queens accountant to death - plunging her Japanese-style knife so deep into the man's chest it came out his back, law enforcement sources said.

Less hookers to mess with?: $30M prostitution ring busted

Brutal stuff in Scotland:Capital man gunned down in drugs war Quote:Detective Chief Inspector Tommy Tague, who is heading the investigation, said: "People in these areas are scared and we can understand why," he said. They have to come forward because these gangs are threatening the security of their whole community."

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Irv Gotti surrenders to Feds

NEW YORK - The hip-hop label behind music superstars Ashanti and Ja Rule was part of a murderous criminal enterprise that protected its interstate crack and heroin operation with calculated street assassinations, federal authorities charged Wednesday.

AP Photo


Label head Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo and his brother Christopher surrendered to the FBI (news - web sites) on money-laundering charges Wednesday as federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment seeking to confiscate Irv Gotti's real estate and business holdings.

Gotti's childhood friend, Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, one of New York's most notorious drug kingpins, was charged with murder, racketeering and other crimes that prosecutors said were intended to eliminate and intimidate potential witnesses.

McGriff already is in prison on a relatively minor gun charge.

Prosecutors said McGriff and the Gottis funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in McGriff's drug profits through The Inc., a chart-topping label owned partly by Def Jam, a subsidiary of Universal Music.

Recording in a studio dubbed "The Crackhouse," The Inc. has sold about 20 million records behind Ja Rule and Ashanti, who were not charged in the indictment. Ja Rule's current album, "R.U.L.E.," peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard chart. Ashanti is now appearing in the movie "Coach Carter," which debuted atop the box office list two weeks ago.

The charges were not expected to have a major impact on Universal. A source familiar with the Universal/Gotti joint venture said the arrangement would be dissolved if Gotti is convicted. A Universal spokesman declined to comment.

Defense lawyer Gerald Lefcourt said the Gotti brothers had been unfairly targeted for trying to help a respected figure from their rough Queens neighborhood. "I think it's a perfectly legitimate operation," Lefcourt said Wednesday. "Ultimately I expect Irv and Chris to be vindicated."

McGriff's lawyer, Robert Simels, said his client told him from prison Wednesday "that it's a shame that people who tried to help him in a legitimate way are involved in defending themselves in a criminal case."

The indictment charges McGriff and his associates with running a drug operation stretching from New York through Baltimore into North Carolina.

McGriff and his partners delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug proceeds to the Manhattan offices of Murder Inc., according to the indictment. In exchange, Irv Gotti paid McGriff's travel and hotel expenses and cut him checks from Gotti's personal and business accounts, prosecutors charge.

The indictment charges McGriff and several associates with the murder of potential government cooperators Dwayne Thomas and Karon "Buddha" Clarrett outside a Baltimore-area stash house in August 2001. They also are charged with the slaying of up-and-coming rapper E-Money Bags that summer.

McGriff, 44, founded the Supreme Team, once one of the city's most violent drug crews. Investigators suspect that after he finished serving about nine years for drug conspiracy in 1997, he set about reviving his lucrative — and deadly — drug-dealing operation.

Federal agents closed in on McGriff and the Gottis in recent months with arrests that netted Ja Rule's manager and a bookkeeper for The Inc., who also are named in Wednesday's indictment. At least five other defendants, including associates of McGriff, already have been charged.

The Inc. was founded as Murder Inc. in 1997. Gotti changed his label's name last year to deflect negative publicity from the investigation.

Associated Press writer Tom Hays contributed to this report.

Taken from Yahoo! News Also on CBC Art News, and Billboard

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Fat Albert

I saw that movie Fat Albertlast week. I got it from a bootlegger who comes to the store I work at, and he sold it as part of a 3 DVD deal; 3 DVD's for $20.00. Needless to say, they turned out to be filmed through a camera in a movie theater; and I wonder who allows them to do this filming in the movie theater?

Regardless, the Fat Albert movie follows in that Brady Bunch/Charlie's Angels mold; they take something old and bring it into the present day. It was made for the youngsters more or less, but I think that old school fans can get into it as well. Fat Albert articulates what Bill Cosby tried to but failed to articulate in those controversial statements he made last year. This movie and the cartoon always stressed to me the importance of being around positive people.

Bill Cosby lived in North Philly, and they had the temptations and lure of the streets, but what kept Bill right were his positive friends. They were a gang, but this was a gang of young black youths who didn't have to be thugs or gangbangers, images so prevalent in rap music.

Being 7-10 years back when Fat Albert was out, this was positive entertainment. Too bad kids today don't have that now.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Politics: Condi Rice, Bush's mission

I find it funny that Zimbabwee's Herald dissed Condi Rice.

Zimbabwe's state-run Herald daily Saturday branded US secretary of state nominee Condoleezza Rice anti-black and an apologist for "white sins" for calling Harare an "outpost of tyranny".

I used to have a thing for Condi; but now she to me tries to hard to be Bush's trick. She's much better than that, but she knows her place. What a waste of talent.

I find this whole "outpost of tyranny" thing so funny now. Is this the new policy of the Bush Administration? I imagine that this might be ammo for the next big war that will become prime time TV entertainment. No more of those ever evasive "WMD's" or "imminent" threats or whatever reasoning, just give 'em a noble cause and hope that it sticks! This intellectual on C-SPAN today told us that the Bush doctrine is about helping people. It's not the New World Order or the Project for the New American Century; there is a genuine concern for all the people of the world. Could it be that simple?

Even if it is that simple, it costs all that money we pay in federal taxes, especially if you don't benefit from the Bush tax cuts. Looks like this mission of "helping people" will cost us another $80 Bln for Military Operations and seeing that the Republicans are running everything it will go through. "There's no price for safety", they say. I guess that none of the rest of us have to really care about any of this. Or do we?

Meanwhile, the next big controversy is the whole Social Security thing. Personally, I'm not excited about their privitization; why should my money go for somebody else's (ie Wall Street's) benefit? Social Security is not really a big deal anyways; it's not through a social security check that will make me comfortable; it's through saving and investing; that will make a comfortable retirement. I can't see them doing anything more than making it into a glorified 401K plan. Shot, I don't care, one way or another. Im not opening any stupid accounts so I can indirectly do business with Bush's stupid Wall Street buddies. Screw 'em all.

Bob Novak, the old fart from CNN: And what I'm really sick of are the protesters. They just are a lot of punks and it's none of their business and it isn't free speech. It's just nastiness, and I'm sick of it. Check out the rest of his BS on Media Matters.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Links I just surfed into

5 new sites I have been digging:

Freedom Rider:I love this site! This woman contributes to the angry black site Black Commentator, and she is every bit as angry and cynical as I am! Like when she writes this last week:

At his coronation today the Mad King went on and on about liberty and how the United States would bring it to the rest of the world. This week an embedded journalist showed the world that Iraqis now have the freedom to be shot to death if they drive down the wrong street.

The young girl in the photo saw her parents gunned down by itchy fingered U.S. troops. You know, the ones we are supposed to support without question. This child is just one of thousands who would probably disagree if you told them they were better off without Saddam.

I love it!

Illuminati News: I'm like really into what people consider "crazy", sites like this, all about the Illuminati and stuff. I'm not that extreme, but I feel that Bush's agenda is a continuation of that pursuit of the New World Order, and this site reflects that belief to the fullest. I love me some Hooters restaurant. The one here in DC has a hot bartendar who looks like a mix between T-Boz and Vanessa Williams. Just picture that in the Hooters outfit. Damn.

Libertocracy: With all the feelings people have about how great Democracy is, it is hard to find alternative points of view because nobody wants to be called a terrorist, a tyrant or a communist. This site just blows that whole establishment view right out the water. Excellent.

Steady B

This site
This site is in a foreign language, and its old as dirt, but it has a nice gallery of old school hip hop artists.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Roxanne, Roxanne and UTFO

Anybody remember that "Roxanne, Roxanne" series? I used to listen to the radio searching for Roxanne songs. It all started when I first heard the UTFO song "Roxanne, Roxanne". I liked UTFO ever since I saw the video for "Beats and Rhymes". That video was funny; everybody in that video was white except for UTFO; they did a breakdance routine. UTFO are one of those groups who should've gotten the first rap grammy because they were way ahead of their time. They had innovative rhyme styles which contrasted largely from RUN DMC's simplistic nursery rhyme style (Don't get me wrong I love RUN DMC, Im just sayin'), they did all the "elements" (graf, rhyming, breakin', DJing) long before they were called elements, they did songs for the radios and the streets.

UTFO failed to have "hits" only because back when they were popular, it was hard to break rap/hip hop records. Where I came from, black radio was just the college radio stations like WESU at Wesleyan in Middletown, Connecticut. Back then, MTV was starting, and it started as a medium then to influence what was played on the radio. However, what MTV gravitated to was heavy metal/rock videos, and very popular black artists. The only way RUN DMC broke through was to have rock guitars in songs like "Rock Box" and "Can You Rock It Like This?" I remember watching MTV one night and being suprised that they had "Rock Box" on, but it was pretty late and they played it very sparingly. It's so ironic that this was the case in the early 80s, but now MTV has MTV2, a channel which rides hip hop's nuts so much that they go overboard sometimes.

Anyways, UTFO had me listening to the radio in the summer of like '84 listening for "Roxanne Roxanne" songs. Here were a few:

Roxanne's Revenge- Roxanne Shante:This was the original first lady of rap. Her voice sounded like it could be the girl they were talking about. It was dope.

The "Real" Roxanne- The Real Roxanne: Now, this girl sounded more cute, and I brought more 12" records from her, like "Romeo", and she was a Latina who looked like Lisa Lisa (who did that "I Wonder If I Take You Home") Roxanne Shante once dissed her, saying she had a "face like a man". She was tight though.

Roxanne's A Man-Ralph Rolle: This was a hilarious spoof on the songs where this guy raps about taking Roxanne out and finding out what is really up with this girl. Could've been a take on Roxanne Shante's butch demeanor.

Roxanne's Doctor-Doctor Fresshhh: This MC Doctor Fresshh was really talented; he did two records; this one and "Life Is A Ghetto" on Warlock Records. I have the 12" inches, but like many young brothers there was no full album. Back then, MC's came and went. As for this jam, dude just hated Roxanne and so he dissed her.

Rossanne,Rossane-?: The name of the group escapes me, but I think this was a local Connecticut group who did this song where they just changed the lyrics and added in a guitar with the same beat, same flow and a lil more scratching. Changed the name of the song, that was about it.

Rossane's Brothers-?: I definetly don't know who did this song; this was a response to the above song where these guys say they are Rossane's brothers and dis the original group. Same beat, same sounding track. Like I said, I think it was a bunch of CT brothas experimenting with rap. Connecticut brothas back then were more into gangs and crack, and even though we were so close to NYC, there was nothing that CT produced. We loved it, and knew of the few stations that played it. But this was the best they could do!

I got a tape of the whole Roxanne series. If I find more, I'll holler.

Monday, January 17, 2005

MLK and 2Pac: Pimped and made proper

Has MLK day become a day when the powers that be that killed him can show some kind of superficial respect for him?

2Pac and MLK were worlds apart, of course. I would never put 2Pac on MLK's level. But as I watched Bush's speech today, I just see similarities between how people will take on MLK's legacy like they take on 2Pac's legacy even though if they were alive, these "friends" would be condemned by the people who idolize them.

I don't care what these stuffy black conservatives say, MLK and Bush would never be down. However, I watched as Bush stood up on the podium, acting like a jackass, saying, "I'm not done, I've only just begun!", and then Bush goes into his whole freedom and democracy routine, and it makes me sick. All these people rally around him, clapping on command. It's like, you got people with their twisted agendas saying what a great man MLK was. Please. Most of these old fart conservatives would have dismissed MLK as a "communist" and "socialist" and especially today if he spoke out against Bush he would be labeled "unpatriotic". Most of these scary negros today would be telling King to be quiet because he is making it bad for those who want to just be good slaves. He'd be as much as a threat today and he wouldn't have nothing to do with the Messy Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, the Armstrong Williams, or the other silly conservative and liberal negros whose only role is to do their respective masters bidding.

By the same token, you got all these cats who think that Tupac would've been down with him claiming his voice and his legacy. It really makes me sick. All the Tupac poseurs who have polluted hip hop, the weak azz sound alikes, the "bling-bling" set, the biters, the No Limit no talents, the Gay-Unit cartoon gangstas, then you got this G.A.M.E clown, and everybody acting like he is 2Pac reincarnated. More like G.A.M.E over. I'm sick of all this crap rap! Eminem twists and manipulates 2Pac's voice knowing damn well that if 2Pac was alive he wouldn't want nothing to do with this clown. He'd be too busy kicking his ass up and down the street!

I'm sure that MLK and 2Pac are rolling in their graves so much they are dizzy.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The big dumbass

"We had an accountability moment, and that's called the 2004 elections," Bush said in an interview with The Washington Post. "The American people listened to different assessments made about what was taking place in Iraq, and they looked at the two candidates, and chose me." Taken from Yahoo!News: Bush Says Election Ratified Iraq Policy

Check out Bad Boy Forever

Is it Or TI? An internet beef?

Back For the First Time: Hip Hop Comebacks Part #1

Hip-Hop To Add to King Celebration

Madonna, P. Diddy and now you -- for $4,500 a year

Today's teens remember MLK in their own way

Snoop Dogg Lands Pony Deal

50 Cent criticizing his pimp? Say it isn't so......

See what having lots of $$$ can do? Too much time on his hands! Now Russell Simmons is promoting yoga! WTF?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

My attitude:Screw 'em

These last couple of days have been hectic. I put in an order with the neighborhood bootlegger for the G.A.M.E's debut CD. Yeah, I've brought into all the hype, read the article in the latest issue of Vibe, heard him pumped from the radios up and down the street, and "How We Do" has finally caught on with me. Im not buying the CD though, since Im not trying to support the whole G-UNIT/SHADY/AFTERMATCH/INTERSCOPE/Jimmy Iovine rap machine. Screw 'em.

But, you know, Im not really all into that commercial stuff, since I been putting music into my IPOD, I have re-discovered my favorite Underground cats like Mathematics, Trickstar, Reks, and other underground type stuff. I'm really more into variety.

Here in DC the mood of the atmosphere is all about protesting this Inaugural Bash. However, I don't what these groups are thinking about. I been with it, but I guess I expected a little more. Like, the people of Turn Your Back on Bush, now, I thought they would sneak into all these swanky affairs and then dis Bush by turning their back on him.However, when his float or whatever comes by in the Inaugural parade, they will turn their back on him. And the ANSWER Coalition will be sitting in a group of bleachers. I don't know, that souns real weak to me. My only question in regards to this stupid Inaugaration thing is why bother even showing up in the first place? Screw 'em.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Not One Damn Dime Day......

I'm in full support of "Not One Dime Day....."

"There's no rally to attend. No marching to do. No left or right wing agenda to rant about. On Not One Damn Dime Day, you take action by doing nothing," the e-mail read. "You open your mouth by keeping your wallet closed. For 24 hours, nothing gets spent, not one damn dime, to remind our religious leaders and our politicians of their moral responsibility to end the war in Iraq and give America back to the people."

January 20....Don't buy anything. Im with it.

Plus on January 21, the Counter Inaugural Ball at Dream Nightclub in Washington DC.

Adios, WHFS!

I like a lil of the alternative rock, punk, post modern, new wave, whatever you want to call it. When I first came to Howard, one of my favorite stations was WHFS. Getting out of Howard, I was not a usual listener, but when I would turn the dial driving, I would hear Jay-Z and Camron on the DC hip hop stations, and you know, that gets real old after awhile. On WHFS, they were playing stuff the regular stations wouldn't touch, like Cypress Hill, the Beastie Boys and other alternative rappers. It was real refreshing to turn to this station to hear something different.

With the beginnings of XM radio and online radio stations, the FM/AM thing is getting really played out. On the black stations here, WKYS and WPGC, its the same playlist. Then you got your classic radio, your gospel radio, smooth jazz and pop/soft rock. What WHFS represented was just something different.

Reflecting another cultural trend in the District, you got a lot of Hispanics here, and they turned and they are making the station into a Hispanic Salsa station. That should be interesting, and will catch on. But, I will miss the alternative rock format. Seems to reflect the ultimate mainstreaming of all music. After all, at the WHFS Festival last summer, they had Jay-Z as the main star of a roster of alternative rockers. That says it all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Does this story really matter?

In the Washington Post today, they have a headline "Search for Banned Arms In Iraq Ended Last Month."

Does this really matter? Most Americans forgot all about that. Everybody has got into the lull of believing that this was a "humanitarian war". I don't even think anybody is getting into the whole oil aspect anymore. Oil was pretty much part of the picture, but was never the whole picture to me, which is why Im not really into the whole "No Blood for Oil" cliche.

In short, most Americans don't care about the weapons argument, they don't demand to know such things as how many Iraqis have died in this war (and I know its not the 100,000 number that was pitched out a couple months ago), and they don't want to hold anyone accountable in the government for failures in Iraq or even failures in regards to 9/11. Only a small majority of Americans, but most? I don't think so. Sad, but true.

Monday, January 10, 2005

News tidbits

Hip-hop kicked butt in 2004 -- musically and politically. In doing so, the culture proved that it can rule the charts with mostly party and gangster songs and also be taken seriously in the political arena.

Major drug bust:More than a dozen pre-dawn raids in Plainfield, North Plainfield and Pennsylvania last week resulted in the arrest of 18 suspected drug dealers, the seizure of more than $125,000 worth of heroin and cocaine and the breakup of two gang-affiliated drug distribution networks that stretched as far as Pennsylvania, authorities announced. Read more here!

Groupies Reveal All About Jay-Z, Method Man, And Others

50 Cent tells his estranged father to scram!
One "Players Ball" I wont ever be going to!

Solomon: "Did you or the president ever discuss canceling the nine balls and using the $40 million inaugural budget to purchase better equipment for the troops?"

Phillips: "I think we felt like we would have a traditional set of events and we would focus on honoring the people who are serving our country right now-- not just the people in the armed forces, but also the community volunteers, the firemen, the policemen, the teachers, the people who serve at, you know, the--well, it's called the StewPot in Dallas, people who work with the homeless."

Solomon: "How do any of them benefit from the inaugural balls?"

Phillips: "I'm not sure that they do benefit from them."

Solomon: "Then how, exactly, are you honoring them?"

Phillips: "Honoring service is what our theme is about."

That's right. None of them benefit; only the corporate fat cats who propelled an inexperienced Texas governor to the White House, showered cash on his re-election campaign and will now underwrite the most lavish inauguration in history. To date, the Committee has raised $13 million, including thirty-one $250,000 donations and forty-one $100,000 donations. Expect these numbers to grow exponentially.
Contributors include big energy (ExxonMobil, Nuclear Energy Institute), big defense (Boeing, Northrup Grumman), big Wall Street (Goldman Sachs), etc, etc. Virtually all of the donors stand to gain from Bush's second term agenda, whether it be passing the dirty energy bill, increasing defense spending, limiting liability lawsuits or privatizing social security.

On closing night, the inauguration throws the "Commander-in-Chief Ball" for 2,000 returned troops. These soldiers get one night. The lobbyists get 365.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

News from the bottom

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of The Word "Pimp" "Although the word 'pimp' may be reasonably capable of a defamatory meaning when read in isolation, we agree with the district court's assessment that the term loses its meaning when considered in the context presented here," the Court said.

I'm so sick of those Yellow Ribbons: The Yellow Ribbon Paradox

Finally, the release of Lil Pimp!

If you are somebody offered an Indonesian child, just say no! Officials on alert for child-trafficking gangs

True Spirit of the Black Panther/ A Call for Unity of All People by Sister Nzingha! National Alliance of Black Panthers official website

Now the gang MS-13 is being considered a terrorist group. The quiet front on this "War on Terror":

Cops: We nabbed killer terror gangsterAlvarez-Garcia is a reputed member of the East Boston Loco Salvadorans (EBLS) sect of MS-13, sources said. He was arrested about 7 p.m. after Somerville gang unit Sgt. Steven Carabino spotted a crew of 10 MS-13 members - garbed in their white and blue gang colors - congregating on the corner of McGrath Highway and Broadway.

Eastie loiter law targets Qaeda-linked MS-13 gang
``I want to see this gang out of Maverick Square, and out of the schoolyards where they are hanging out,'' Scalpicchio said. ``MS-13 is not just East Boston. It's Chelsea, Revere, Somerville. We have to figure out what to do about it.''

Hub ‘should be worried’: U.S. rep: MS-13 gang is true terror threat
A Texas congressman said MS-13 gang members and Middle Eastern aliens are using the border in his district to sneak into the country - and Boston should be worried.

U.S. Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz (D-Texas), co-chairman of the House Border Caucus, told the Herald he is ``very concerned'' about al-Qaeda's link to Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, a gang he described as ``extremely vicious.''

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Mo' shyt

Asian-American rapper is a hip-hop pioneer
Actually, I don't know if you can call him a "pioneer". He's pretty much getting his feet wet,and he's got a lot more to do to prove himself. Being on 106th and Park and 1 album is hardly the making of a "pioneer". Afrika Bambatta is a "pioneer". This cat is still learning.

LOL....bimbo Britney's husband is going to be a rap star. Yeah, right. The only thing he can do is block my view of Britney's halfway decent body.

Could hip hop take a "Latin direction"? Uh, I think they missed the boat. All throughout hip hop history Latinos have contributed much to it. Fat Joe, the Beatnuts, Nore, Cypress Hill, Lighter Shade of Brown, Kid Frost, N2Deep, and the list goes on. Now that Nore and Pitbull have Latin flavored songs, its all of a sudden a trend. I don't agree. It's been part of the scene for years.

Nas: The Mature Voice of Hip Hop
I have mad respect for Nas, but Im still stuck on Illmatic. I have listened to most of his albums; as you all know, some of his stuff has left quite a bit to be desired. And that video with his dad, I just ain't feeling it. I should be, but Im not.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Funny message board posting!

In response to Michael Savage's insensitive comments about the tsunami, somebody on Media Matters,posted this:

Poetic justice:

(click) "9-1-1, what is your emergency?"

"My name is Michael Savage there's a fire in my building and it's spreading..."

"I see where you're calling from sir. Can you get out?"


"I see. Well we can't dispatch the fire department sir."


"That would cost taxpayer money, it's not ours to spend. Our new policy is that fires are God's will, and it's too bad but you'll have to take it up with him."

"What is this, some sick joke??"

"No, sir. Besides, there's probably a bunch of homosexuals in your building. It's not worth saving them, I'm sure you'd agree. Is there any chance you can jump out a window or something?"

"I'm on the 30th floor!!"

"Well good luck with that." (Click)
Hip-hop is beautiful because 'it's a world of survivors,' rapper Mos Def says

"I think there is a social and racial dynamic that comes into play," he said. "Limp Bizkit and those bands were like these mannequins, these caricatures of what we started, and the people who were really doin' it are not being recognized at all. It's the classic story.

"Hip-hop was a response to isolation. Under-representation. Misrepresentation. Abandonment. Poverty. Outlaw classification. There was a lot of things going on in New York City in the late '70s. A very difficult time, and that's the era that hip-hop came out of. They was doin' this to survive. To create some sort of psychic space of inclusion. The world does not want us, so we have to create our own world where we want each other. If no one else wants us, we want each other.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tucker Carlson-right wing bitch azz

This kid is on CNN all the time, talking trash and making angry faces, acting like he's actually somebody or something. The way he was talking trash to the Canadians; not that I really care about the Canadians one way or another, but I dunno, I just wanted to beat him down like in Menace II Society, when that character Cain beat down the cousin of the girl he got pregant when the dude stepped to him. Remember that? However, Canada's got some tight females, but that's besides the point.

If I saw him on the street, all I would want to do is just beat him down with my fists, then beat him down with a stick.

This is the type of cat that if he was in prison, he'd make a good "beeyootch". That's why I call him a bitch azz!

All bark and no bite. I could kick his azz in 1 minute. No sweat. Matter of fact, probably a ten year old could beat him down without a stick!

Monday, January 03, 2005

White Lines Dont Do It and funny message board posting

White Lines-Don't Do It!

I was listening to the song "White Lines", and what I noticed at the beginning of the song is that a voice whispers 3 words and then you just hear sniffing. It's between Melle Mel saying "Fun Baby" and the bass line. The voice whispers "Pun (not Big Pun), Benjamin (reference to Benjamin Arellano Felix? I doubt it, but that was an interesting connection to make), and Triste(I think that is Spanish for sad or tragic). All the years I have heard the song, and I never noticed that. 80's street slang for cocaine? I don't know. Strange.

After listening to the song "White Lines", I somehow found myself looking for real life drug confessions. The funniest post I read was on The EHealth Forum:

My son has used crack cocaine lately. How long does that stay in your system? He has to do a drug test for work.

LOL....I just can't comprehend this. I won't even question how dumb this sounds. Needless to say, nobody has responded. Anybody out there know the answer?

There's also the UK Site Crack Cocaine in Camden, the somber Sober Recovery, and Cocaine Help.I also found this really nasty site which I don't want to link to, it stinks so bad. It has people being filmed smoking crack and doing XXX rated stuff. Anybody who would put something like that together is one sick bastard. Don't even search for it, its not worth it.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

The Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004....

And Halliburton is #7!

Plus: Exploding Crisis For America's Poor

Today we suffer an emerging crisis so great it promises profound upheaval across America. Black unemployment trends show sobering findings: "By 2002, one of every four black men in the United States was out of work for over a year. This idleness was twice as high as that of white and Hispanic males," according to Andrew Sum, director for the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston.

"That was a conservative count," Sum said. "The study did not consider homeless men or those in prison. It is believed that 10 percent of the black male population under age 40 is incarcerated."

Worse, black teenager unemployment grows off the charts. In a report in the Associated Press, May 1, 2003, by Genaro C. Armas, "Black Children in Deepest Poverty Up 50 percent," states that 932,000 children fell into the poverty level in 2001 which was an increase from 622,000 from 1999. It's the highest number since 1979.

But hey, at least the war profiteers made their money, right? I guess that's all that matters. Anything else is just socialism!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year-Is it All Good in the Hood?

I guess D.C. isn't "Dodge City" anymore:Killings In D.C. Fewest Since '86

I'm not sure if they fudged the numbers to reflect a more "positive" reality, after all, in this city, they have been building it up, making property values sky high, building up condos and making it impossible for people making less than $100,000/yr to buy a house. Those unwilling to pay $400,000 to buy a house here, you better look somewhere else!

Interesting Quote:There were 198 killings in the District in 2004, down from 248 the previous year. Prince George's County had 148 homicides, up from 128 in 2003. Overall, 426 homicides occurred in the Washington area last year, down by 10.8 percent from 2003, when there were 478 killings.

Across the country, homicide rates have fallen substantially since the late 1980s, when crack cocaine's emergence sparked bloody street feuds. Outside experts and civic leaders said police are only one factor in deterring crime. The homicide decrease also appears to be driven by a stronger economy, the waning of the crack wars and the growing number of young men in prison, they said.

I don't know if "the growing number of young men in prison" can ever be seen in a positive light; it's like, that to me is disturbing if that is seen as a sign of progress. I know they don't say it, but to me, this is a subtle message that shows what is thought of young, poor black and Latino men. Lock 'em up, throw away the key, and that's part of "progress". Unbelievable. Anyways......

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