Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hyper-Masculine and Misogynist Violence in Chicano Rap

Piggybacking off my last post on Chicano rap, I found an article that covers the mentality behind Chicano rap. Really interesting stuff. Quote:

In the last four years the violence of Chicano rap has made a profound impression on me. Chicano rappers rap about hitting each other, hitting cops, and hitting and abusing women. My first question was why do these young men spend so much time thinking about, writing about, and listening to stories of violence? For me, rap and hip hop culture, had been about escaping violence and oppression. It was about getting together and expressing ourselves with our bodies and voices. Of course, break-dancing battles often turned violent and people fought at parties that showcased hip hop culture. Nonetheless, hip hop was mostly a safe space. So, why all the violence in Chicano rap today?

Check out the rest on the site Bad Subjects!

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's on! The PA primaries!

The suspense is getting to me. Tommorow, history will be made. The final countdown. Hillary or Obama? I would say that right about now I dont really have a side. I've casted my vote, done my thing, now its time for everybody in PA to do theirs. The "Potomac Primary" in this area (DC/MD/VA) was nothing more than notches on Obama's belt! It's been the most exciting, riveting election season, and this is the day we've all been waiting for. May the best person win!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blood In Blood Out&Chicano rap!

I just saw the movie Blood In Blood Out, the story of 3 Chicano brothers struggling with the realities of life in barrio in East Los Angeles. It's a classic Latino hip hop epic! See it if you havent yet! I went to download a bunch of Chicano gangsta rap. Below is my list of top jams, check them out, they are all on The album names are highlighted in brown! This music is pretty harsh, glorifies gangstadom, and is violent. Its bound to piss off a lot of old white folks and alot of others. Parental guidance iz advised, as Eazy E would say. LOL.

Angel Baby 2003 - Mr. Capone-e Rap N Oldies
Another Sunny Day - Lighter Shade Of Brown Chicano Rap Smooth Jams
Are You Sure? - Lil Boy V Chicano Rap Old School
Bounce, Rock - Ghost, Lil Crook Chicano Rap Old School
Bumpin' feat. Nino B & Frost Jay Tee So Cold
Father, Father - Proper Dos Chicano Rap Smooth Jams
Gangster Love - Young Wicks, Baby Wicked, Mister D Chicano Rap Smooth Jams
Gangsters Get Lonely Too (Remix) feat. Mister D,Sleepy Malo&Lil Blacky) Lil Crook Southland Style
I Do Love You - Hispanic MC's Rap N Oldies
Latin Nights - Deuce Mob Rap N Oldies
Lowride True Blue-Gangsters
Mexican Power - Proper Dos Rap N Oldies
My Coupdavil - ALT, Slow Pain Rap N Oldies
No Sunshine - Frost Rap N Oldies
On A Sunday - DTTX The Story Of Chicano Rap
Pepe Le Pew feat. Frost & SPM Jay Tee So Cold
Shots To The Dome feat. Don Cisco & Baby Bash Jay Tee So Cold
So Ruff, So Tuff Conejo The City Of Los Angeles Best of Volume 2
Somos Mexicanos (Spanish) - Mr. Trippalot Lowrider Hip Hop
Thin Line - Frost
This Is How We Riding (Radio) (feat. Sleepy Malo) Lil Blacky & Lil Sicko Southland Ballin'
Time Goes By - Ese Bobby Chicano Rap Smooth Jams
Together - Tierra Rap N Oldies
Traficante No Llores Capone Chicano World Dos
The Wanna Be Fool - Toddy Tee Rap N Oldies
We Riding Low (feat. Tattoo Ink) Conejo The City Of Los Angeles Best of Volume 2
Won't You Be My Man (Another Slow Jam) (Radio) Lil Blacky & Lil Sicko Southland Ballin'
World Famous - Lighter Shade Of Brown The Story Of Chicano Rap