Friday, October 27, 2006

Week in review 10/23-10/27

I started out the week listening to the CD for the funk/latino/rap group 40 Watt Hype, and I wanted to write a review, but I just didnt have the time. It's a good CD available for download on Emusic, and I'm going to write that review this week for sure. On Tuesday, I read about "Gangs and Street Power" which is part of a series being written by Darryl James of EUR Web about gangs and their birth. In this part he talked about how drugs and guns came into the whole gang thing as an initiation into street organizations. On Wednesday, it was all about white America scrutinizing the black senators who are trying to make a come up. Its funny how in articles like "Obama is overrated" and then the anti Harold Ford political advertisment showing how he is "messing with white girls" like it really matters makes you think that white America doesn't want black politicians to succeed. Harold Ford will be the second black senator after Obama if he wins. And regardless of whether he wins a senate seat in Maryland or not, in terms of blackness, this punk Michael Steele does not count. I dont care if Russell Simmons is supporting him. Quite frankly, I dont care who Russell Simmons supports!On Thursday, I found an interesting definition in Wikipedia-"Black Supremacy" On Friday, I was wondering, why are 2Pac fans (most of whom probably didn't like his music when he was alive)mad about the upcoming 2Pac album that Afeni is putting out?

Seriously to diss an album you never heard is really a depressing look at some of the fan base that Tupac has. A world loved icon not only in hip hop culture; but Tupac was a poet, actor, writer, activist and a strong Black man who made his mark in this world and is due more respect than he is showed. The most distressing thing is to see Afeni have to go thru this with every album that Amaru puts out.

But these people who are mad are the same ones who brought that crappy 2Pac album that Eminem put out a couple years ago. If Eminem put out this one, they'd buy 2 copies of each and tell everybody else to do the same. Screw 'em.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The tramp stamp?

I dont know what it is with me, but I felt the urge to do some research on the origins and stigmas surrounding the lower back tattoo AKA "tramp stamp". I couldn't believe it, but there is even a definition on Wikipedia! What is the origin of this design? Is it merely for whores, sluts and strippers?

Quite simply, the reason people get lower back tattoos vary, but the simple stigmas surrounding them exist, as can be seen in random Google and Yahoo! searches: "I am afraid to say but yes they are indeed known by that and aka c_m target. Guys are not nice about this. Look nice, can hide, but labels you as a [she-goat] I like them but wouldnt get one for that reason."

Raven Mack:"America’s a great place because there’s all kinds of weird shit around to occupy time, whether it be drugs or porn or weird chicks with tattoos on their lower back highlighting the fat ass they’re barely covering up with a pair of blue jeans."

Mother Tongue Annoyances: "Let me repeat what I think is a key part of the Wikipedia definition: "the lower back tattoo functions as body decoration, while underlining sexual attractiveness." "

E's Surf Report:Speaking of that tramp stamp, big stripper/slut tatoos on the lower back, I saw the funniest thing this weekend at the 24 Hr Fitness off of Bryant. There was this short dude, in his 30's, with a flabby behind that was walking butt naked in front of me to the showers. The guy had a big stripper tatoo above his ass on the lower back. It was so hilarious!

And I can go on for ages...the whole idea is that the lower back tattoo seems to be synonymous on a surface level with whores, sluts and strippers. It simply is, as the guy in the Wedding Crashers movie said, a "bulls eye" for Playboys!

However, I came upon this site "The Tao of Tattoos", and as much as I am always doing research to get to the root of something, I found this interesting quote:

According to ancient beliefs the lower back is an area that has a lot of stored energy in the form of 'kundalini' so this may explain why people are naturally drawn to this area. A lot of people have reported extraordinary sensations when getting lower back tattoos done. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word whose essential meaning is circular or winding. It is also a name used in Yoga for a snake like inner energy. It is believed that this energy was stored in the lower back area.

Now, this doesn't mean that a woman who has a lower back tattoo put it on there because of some ancient beliefs. Truth of the matter is that she may be a stripper, a whore, or a slut on one hand, but on the other hand she might be just a trend follower or somebody who got the lower back tattoo because she thought it looked sexy! Following that logic, its one thing to put on a pair of lower rider jeans to look sexy; styles can be switched up. But, a lower back tattoo is something that more or less could be for life, even after the novelty of it has came and went (if that kind of novelty has such a short life.)

I admit, I like them, I think they are hot, but as I have shown in this post, the stigmas surrounding them are too negative, and though nobody should care if they are labeled a slut or a tramp, and the fact that nobody should be seeing it unless they show it to the whole world, all things should be considered........

Friday, October 20, 2006

How could we forget....???

Trips me out how alot of this generation of hip hop fans can break down Tupac's life story down to every date, place and event that Tupac ever experienced, but when it comes down to other history, they remain totally ignorant.

Like this week marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Black Panther Party. However, unless you watch History TV or C-SPAN, you would never know it!

I guess given that its an old school thing, a whole other generation and time, and alot of these kids might think, "If that group were so great, then why are things still so messed up today?"

That whole era of the late eighties, with Public Enemy teaching kids about Assata and Huey Newton, made movements like that relevant to us who lived at that time. When that got played out (after the movie Malcolm X came out), and when "gangsta" moved in, that paved the way for somebody like Tupac to replace Malcolm X as a relevant figurehead for black history.

I still think that the legacy of the Panthers is relevant for this generation and beyond. Check out to see what I am talking about.
Washington Post:Pulse of Go-Go, Promise of Peace Mingle at D.C. Dance Event for Youth

The teenagers started lining up early on the lilac stairs, arriving by Metro, bus and car and on foot. Word had spread: The Market Lounge in Northeast was playing go-go.

At the door, they waved their ID cards, and soon they were in the middle of a throbbing dance floor, 100 teenagers dancing elbow to elbow, holding up T-shirts honoring their dead homies and flashing neighborhood signs with their fingers: Lench Mob (Woodland Terrace), Choppa City (Anacostia), Simple City (Benning Terrace).

That's about the time at many go-gos that fights break out and someone winds up shot or dead. But here, the two police officers assigned to the event didn't budge, pretty certain there'd be no trouble.

These teens and preteens trained -- took lessons -- to come to this club.

They sat through two documentaries. They endured tough-love lectures.

They made a pledge: We will not come to go-gos to settle scores. We will not fight. We will abide by the rules and be respectful.

Check out the rest in the Washington Post

Monday, October 16, 2006

Yasmin Shiraz talks politics of hip hop culture

Author and former Mad Rhythms magazine publisher, Yasmin Shiraz is embarking on a series of book talks-dubbed the Politics of Hip Hop Culture tour-on college campuses and bookstores discussing the behind-the-scenes politics of hip hop culture. Drawing on her 12 years involved in the entertainment industry as publisher, marketing consultant, journalist, and researcher, Shiraz has crafted two breakout novels that drip of realism, dramatic storytelling and backstage incidents that you won't see on television.

Read more about it on Frost Illustrated!

Visit her blog at Yasminshiraz.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Miss New York....

You just have to love New York from the "Flavor of Love" show; she's crazy, and she just makes me laugh. No shame in her game. She curses, she smokes, she argues with the other girls at the drop of a hat! Every major issue a woman could have, she has. But I can't help it, I luv her to death! Will she be Miss Flav? It's 9 PM, and I am waiting.......

Miss New York, in her own words....."[Will I do it again?] Ummm, probably…..NOT. What it is is that the success of the show, it's a great show. I often watch the show, I love the show, but you gotta remember I never went on the show to be famous. I just went on the show to give my heart to a wonderful man and to see if we can be together or not. Yeah, I am a little tired of the camera action." See, now doesn't that prove this show is real?
Don't be ashamed....say it loud!

"I'm a little mortified to tell some of my co-workers that I'm into the show," Toni Rasavong, an intern at CBS5-TV in San Francisco, says sheepishly. "They work on news programs with serious subject matter. And 'Flavor of Love' ... well, it's just kind of trashy."

Say it loud, I like trash and I'm proud! On the real though, I tell everybody that Im into Flavor Flav. Do I care what people think? Hell naw! Matter of fact, I hope they take offense...

Read more about this "shame" in the Contra Costa Times....
Why can't I quit u, Flav????

I've had my eyes glued to the Flavor of Love show all season and today, almost all day. I just can't stop! Even though I've seen every show I have to watch them again! Plus, I'm just all up in arms waiting for the season finale! Who will he pick to be "his girl"? Will it be the superbiootch New York or the halfway decent halfway busted looking Delishis? Im betting it will be Delishis. I just cant wait to see! Plus New York's mother is like totally scary! I know I've said this show is stupid and ignorant and Flav is a total stereotype and whatnot, but I just can't get enuff!

It's all about Flavor Flav! Yeah boy!