Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A War For Your Soul-Birmingham version

A War For Your Soul-Birmingham version from Erisai Films on Vimeo.

A high school and college educator for nearly twenty years, Reginald Bullock, the visionary creator behind Erisai Films and the short video, “A War For Your Soul,” has always had an interest in working with the youth and getting young people to utilize their full potential. “A War For Your Soul,” is an independent, nonprofit, 15-minute film aimed at African-American youth. The Bronx native’s latest release infuses African-American history with today’s current events, and expresses how they relate, inspiring youth to look critically at themselves and, at the very least, facilitating meaningful discussion amongst our at-risk youth. In turn, this film has enabled him to work, at a larger scale, with at-risk youth regarding topics and interests that are relevant to them. “A War For Your Soul” is vastly sweeping the nation, as many African-American leaders and organizations have endorsed the film and given it great reviews; this includes various churches, multiple colleges and universities, as well as youth organizations. Reginald Bullock’s primary interest remains in helping out our youth. For more information about interviews, or to set up speaking engagements for Reginald Bullock, please feel free to contact Ms. Lee at nadine@speakthedream.org