Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mobbin' Through the Net...........

Since I like hip hop and politics, I like to mix the two every once in a while. Here is a combination of links.

More 9/11 conspiracies........

I still just ain't feeling it.....
Smoking while Iraq burns

Check out this funny map: "The world according to the US"

You know what, I like Ja Rule's music, and am sick and tired of 50 and can't stand Eminem. I look forward to his new album.
Hip-hop star Ja Rule is set to shock fans by praising his rivals Eminem and 50 Cent but also threw an underhand dig at them.

New 50 Cent albumin stores February 15. I don't expect much from this.

Forget 50 Cent, Freddie Foxx is back! The new album will be called American Black Man! Time for 50 Cent and his Gay-Unit to recognize the real!

The top 10 hip hop albums of the year? I don't agree.....

Is it the end of Eminem? Afraid not!

Oh yeah, and check out the newest Source for the "exclusive" interview with Benzino. Good for a laugh or two.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Raven Symon-the next big thing?

Raven Symone.....I got my latest issue of Jet Magazine, and I found out Raven is now like legal age! However, they said 18, or is it 19? Like when Rudy Huxtable started appearing in the public eye all grown, I'm sure this has the Hollywood smut peddlers and Black Men's magazine publishers salivating and brainstorming how can they be first at getting a crack at exploiting what could potentially be the next big thing. I'm even seeing posts on the KING Magazine site about her, and many websites like Raven Liveand Raven Source.

The fact that she's 18, I can see her employers downplaying that, keeping her a teen but a more innocent type teen, leaning to her being more the Cosby kid than the KING Magazine(or dare I say Playboy Magazine?)spread.

However, lots of video honeys, porn stars, Playboy Playmates, and even the girls in the smut rag Black Tail Magazine are 18 to 20 years old. Ultimately, I guess it will be up to her, but I think she will make the right choices and won't end up used and trashed by the time she's 25.

Most kiddy stars fall by the wayside, but she went from being a pre-schooler to being a young lady, and through it all has always been a star. She has talent. Not alot of those other girls who use questionable means to get big have that. Plus, since everybody remembers her when she was that cute little kid, she may be able to maintain that innocence that pretty much defines her. That will distinguish her from the legions of girls who have to take off their clothes or be in some rap video to get noticed.

But, I'm sure KING Magazine, Smooth Magazine and Playboy are probably hounding her with offers. Though I like these magazines, I hope if she is offered the chance she won't do it.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Krissy J...........

I looked at the blackplanet page of Krissy J, and I want to use some of her fascinating links as my entry for today.....

The real story of HIV/AIDS?

What the US government did to the The Hmong People in Laos

A Korean dude who trys to hard.......

Why black people can be so stupid? "Slavery not just for white men"

Quote:This Black History Month I learned a lot about the progress made by African's since their days as slaves. I learned that if a white person takes a photo of a black drug dealer, that person is a racist. I learned that Busta Rhymes, who expressed gratitude to all his "niggas," and Sister Souljah, who hates me, are pillars of the African-American community.

Yellow Chick's blog is YellowChick.com. It was cool a couple days ago, but its down, and I guess it will be up eventually. Her other blackplanet page is here.Very interesting young lady.

Friday, November 26, 2004

What's up with Philly radio?

I went to Philadelphia for the weekend, and I got to listen to the radio station in Philly, Wired 96.5. First of all, I hate that new Lil Jon song with Ludacris and Usher, "Lovers and Friends". I like Lil Jon, but him in a slow song? I wasn't feeling it. And then Ludacris in it? It just didn't add up!

Another horrible song making it's debut was 50 Cent's "Disco Inferno". That's right, DISCO Inferno. Just like that old 70's disco song, but not exactly like it. This song was more like In Da Club part 2, because it just has him talking about kicking it in a Club, and he says "Shake that Ass Girl" in the chorus. How original. No wonder why he delayed his album to make way for Eminem's. I can tell that this new album will suck, if this is the quality of his first single.

Then between Eminem's "Just Lose It"(I can't stand that song!), the "Lean Back" remix (over and over) and just about every Beyonce/Destiny's Child song they played over and over, and that summed up the playlist. They did sprinkle it with a few classics, but overall, yuck.

Interesting observation on this station, I notice that WUSL in Philly has no Eminem songs on its playlist. WRDW had 5 Eminem songs. WUSL is under the category of Urban, and WRDW is under the category of "Rhythmic". In other words, its a "pop" station that now plays rap. Interesting how radio works. Check out the playlists on RR Online.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Milling around the net

Today, I just seemed to get so obsessive about different topics. Not much to do with hip hop, but what I consider to be hip hop politics.

The first topic I was obsessed with was White Supremacy. I liked this website The Code. Though dated, it did have a funny review of Black Hawk Down. I hated that movie, and to an extent I agree with what the guy is saying, that movie was some racist garbage.

I also was getting into the media. I'm pretty indifferent to Dan Rather leaving,since he pretty much was becoming an old fart anyways. However, I thank him for being brave enough to bring the Abu Ghraib atrocities to my attention, and I know the Republicans hate him for that. Viacom sold him out down a river,I saw an article, can't find it now, that said that they wanted him out. But all they care about is money anyways. Most people believe all that patriotic mumbo-jumbo and say that he was "unpatriotic." I say that's a load of crap.

Instead of Dan Rather, we have to put up with what maybe CBS will try next. Maybe CBS will look at the results of the last election and go pro-Bush. How about bringing on board Rush Limbaugh, the big fat drug addict. Here he is making his moronic statement that the NBA brawl is "hip hop culture on parade". What the hell? This has nothing to do with hip hop!

This is the hip-hop culture on parade. This is gang behavior on parade minus the guns. That's the culture that the NBA has become. So if anybody will be honest with you about it in the NBA, and a very few will have the courage to, because saying what I just said is going to be tagged as racist, but I, my friends, am fearless when it comes to this because the truth will out, and that's what's happening here, and part and parcel of this gang culture, this hip-hop culture, is: "I'm not going to tolerate being dissed.

So, instead of Dan Rather, who the Republicans despise, we are supposed to put up with the self righteous rantings of a bunch of hypocrites the Republicans love. To love these idiots to them is "loving America". They yell and moan about people who don't share their worldview and get paid millions. The right wingers drag Dan Rather and Michael Moore through the mud every day just about, but when it comes to their peers Rush and O'Reilly(I don't care what he's registered as, quite frankly, I don't care about him), the Republicans are silent when they say stupid crap. These guys can be drug addicts and molest women, but when they get back on their feet, its as if nothing happened, and they lose no credibility! Unbelievable. What a crock.

Oh well, its late, I have to go to bed.

Monday, November 22, 2004

I like this article!

"When Facism comes"

On a historical note, it's worth observing that Adolph Hitler was put into office by three major constituencies: big business, to whom Hitler had covertly promised to destroy the labor unions; the military and defense industry, who supported Hitler's vow to reject the restrictions on the German military in the Treaty of Versailles, which ended WWI; and Hitler's biggest voting bloc, rural religious conservatives, who agreed—with cruel enthusiasm—with Hitler's ferocious condemnations of communists, homosexuals and Jews.

See where I am going with this?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Latest news

I missed another NBA brawl!What was up here? The funniest thing was seeing these pudgy, pencil necked geeks running up on these big NBA dudes. I see the footage on TV, and I just can't believe that these goofballs throw beer on the players, jealous because of the fact that the players got going for them, and these people haven't got a damn thing. I saw this fat, pudgy dude get punched in his face. He got what he deserved. If people don't like the fact that these players get all the money, girls, sex, and everything else, then don't support them! Geez.

So what was it that ODB died of?The world will probably never know.......

Will his record sales double due to this controversy? Young Buck surrenders.

LOL. "Toilet wall" falls on Eminem. Plus, his crappy album sold 711,000 copies in the first week.

Xzibit hates on artists who sell records, unlike him.

They have hip hop in Norway? I guess they do, and the US government has ordered a Norweigan hip hop site to be closed. They were criticizing Georgie Bush! Heaven forbid.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Another rap war?

It was funny as hell, I saw the whole fight on CNN at the Vibe Awards, and it was a bunch of guys just fighting..during the awards ceremony. Brothas be trippen'! It was a smaller version of what happened at the Source Awards a few years back.

Big Snoop Dogg
I haven't heard the "official" story, but I suspect that Suge Knight, who was at the ceremony, wants to start another rap war to bring Death Row back in the game.Young Buck was involved in a stabbing, and now is wanted by LAPD.

You know, when Suge got out of jail a couple years back, I was excited, being a fan of west coast rap. I anticipated Crooked I's album coming out, I brought the soundtack to Dysfunktional Family which I liked, but wasn't widely well recieved, like much of Death Row's latest product.

The old days

Years later, Death Row has remained more or less a clearing house for Tupac's tunes. The G.A.M.E has stolen Crooked I's style, NINA died, and all the other new artists fell by the waistside. They are putting out something by Kurupt,and I like Kurupts music, so we will have to wait and see whether that makes Death Row a major player.

But, basically, I think it was just Suge trying to get at Dre, trying to bring back that lil conflict that we all thought fizzled. I just hope it doesn't get to the point of somebody else getting shot. Beyond this, hopefully this wont become something bigger. Funny how Snoop threw that diss at Suge, saying that Suge can deal with him and his crew. Snoop's cool to me, but he talks a big game, like he's a real "gangsta". Funny.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

RIP-Ol' Dirty Bastard

I heard the news on WPGC 95.5 here in Washington DC that the Ol' Dirty Bastard (AKA Dirt McDirt and Big Baby Jesus)died.
Here is the announcement that it is official. He was working on a new album.Here's how it went:

On the eve of a comeback, one of rap's most colorful characters, Ol' Dirty Bastard, aka Russell Jones, collapsed and died this afternoon in a Manhattan recording studio. He was 35, but just two days shy of his 36th birthday.

Jones was pronounced dead at 5:04 p.m., said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the city medical examiner's office. An autopsy will be conducted Sunday, she said.

He will be missed.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Democrats, the youth vote, what will happen tommorow....

I remember after the Million Man March, people wondered what was "going to happen" next, and what these people who marched would do. When nothing got done, the March became seen as somewhat of a failure because people didn't mobilize. They didn't go back to their communities. They seemed to learn nothing of the experience.

I hope the mass mobilization of the Youth Vote won't go the same route. I would hope that the likes of P Diddy and Russell Simmons will see their achievments and try to step it up a notch. What happened on 11/2 was discouraging, but it has to be put in context. They caught the interest of a lot of people; and this should not be forgotten.

I found Michael Moore's "17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrist" funny. People have tossed around Michael Moore's name like a football as somebody who should be blamed for Democrats losing, but he put forth some intelligent points as to why the Bush victory was nothing of the sort. Last night on the Bill Maher show, this gay Republican said that Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore should be condemned as much as the Right Wing extremists. I guess I would only say that as long as somebody has an intelligent argument and doesn't fall to bigotry and ignorance, everybody should be heard.

I like this other weblog DailyWarNews, because this guy did a lot of work today in putting together his 11/7 entry(including all the violence that has happened in Iraq)....that's definetly something to check out.

This other simple minded site "Right Wing Stuff has a bunch of nonsense like t-shirts with John Kerry saying "I'm Bushed" (hahahahah....regular Eddie Murphy shyt?)

I saw Soul Plane last night, and it was dumb (a critical analysis is not necessary), but I love me some Angell Conwell!!!!! Those luscios lips, those eyes, that body. Damn.Her website is Angell Conwell.com, and I just loved any scene she was in, including the one where she disrobed down to her bikini, and turned around. Another woman in there was the luscious Lanisha Cole. She had a brief scene serving a whole bunch of drinks as a bartendar in the club part of the plane. She can be seen more of on the site Music Video Beauties. Apparently, she's been in a bunch of videos. Again, a stupid movie, but the women in it are tight.

I also bumped into a site which proposed the New American Empire. I've been wondering, will the Bush Administration bring peace to the Middle East?Will there be a "Holy American Empire" like the "Holy Roman Empire", another manifestation of white supremacy? Or is it not about white supremacy, but just "freedom"?

I like the response to the election on Baghdad Burning, one of my favorite Iraqi bloggers. She said she wants to send her condolences to us blue staters with limericks like:

Cheer up...
Your son was too young for Afghanistan.
And it's still a bit early for Iran-
But there's plenty of time for Syria...
And he'll definitely serve in North Korea!

One more thing: Tupac was right, black people are trapped. Black conservatives won't admit it, but sooner or later, they will have to face that, and we'll all have to come together. I tried to see the middle ground, but it is obvious to me now that these people aren't playing around. Things are going to get real hectic.

Check out Bush Uncensored!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush things we are all going to have to watch: Tax Code and Social Security........

4 more years of Bush got you down? Buy Tupac's "Me Against the World"!

Today, in this news release, the two things that concerned me, and I hope intelligent voters like myself, were the tax code and Social Security.

Now, at first I thought that Bush would abolish the IRS and make it so a tax return would be very simple. However, Bush said:

As another top priority, Bush said he will work to make the tax code simpler and more fair. He said he believes certain incentives should be built into a rewritten code -- for example, provisions to encourage charitable giving and homeownership. He said the changes would be "revenue-neutral" -- not a hidden way of raising taxes and reducing the deficit, as some of his critics have charged.

Now, having done taxes for a couple of years, I would say that these items are already in the code in the form of Itemized Deductions. Thing is, if it is written into the tax return as an income adjustment or a tax credit, that will be chaotic because everybody an their mother will be claiming items, and so there'd have to be new protocol to verify thats charitable deductions. As far as homeownership, well, isn't that in the form of being able to deduct your home mortgage? In the District, people who buy a home for the first time are able to take a $5,000 tax credit. I think that would be the only thing I could think of that would be beneficial to tax payers. But, the benefit of all that would depend on income, # of children, etc.

How Bush is going to "simplify" the tax code and make it fairer is something I am going to watch. Also, the Bushanomics, which include simple formulas like "low taxes leads to more consumption:. I'm puzzled how the President seems to say that people shouldn't pay taxes, yet the government under a validated Republican House and Senate is going to probably pursue a string of foreign wars in its zeal to bring Democracy to the rest of the world. I would think that the government doesn't need money ,and I guess it doesn't:

"If there was a need to raise taxes, I'd say, 'Let's have a tax bill that raises taxes,' as opposed to 'Let's simply the tax code and sneak a tax increase on the people.' It's just not my style. I don't believe we need to raise taxes. I've said that to the American people. And so the simplification would be the goal."

Oh, and yes, according to the article, he did say, "Let's Simply". I guess that it doesn't matter to the American people the deficit or the payment to make all these other countries free, they just trust Bush because of his morals. I guess if I get more money in my pocket (not that much, I'll bet), Im not going to ask them to take more; I couldn't care less if they have money to carry on their "end terror through Democracy" world tour (that'd make an interesting t-shirt), and Im not Jay-Z or P Diddy, so I won't get that gigantic tax cut which I can use to consume bling or fancy cars.

In the end, what has calmed me down about what has happened has been to decide what is important in my relation to the government. Unlike others, abortion and gay marriage don't affect me so I will not exert much emotional energy when the Federal Judges ban abortion and gay marriage; they just don't matter to me. I have decided that the following are most important to me in my relation to the government:

Social Security
Deficits and debts of the USA home ownership
Financial aid (if I want to go back to school)T
The economy
Job outsourcing
College costs (for when I want to send my kids to school)
Community service

I say that anything having to do with morals is my business, and I don't care what the government says is moral and not moral.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The parties are all over...after all that, nothing..........

All the effort put into voter mobilization led to nothing. Nada. Zilch. I am thankful for the efforts of Russell Simmons, P Diddy, and Ras Baraka. These people made history, and I am very thankful that they tried to spark the interest of people who don't care about anything. The youth vote, however, just did not make a difference. It came down to what some people in the South and the Midwest wanted. When I saw the map of the final electoral votes, my heart sunk.

Suddenly, my concerns felt like the concerns of a special interest group. Does America really feel this way? That we have to engage in a continuing wave of foreign wars to democratize the rest of the world? That we are going to have sixty other wars because when Bush was told that there was going to be something like 60 nations with terrorism, Bush stated that we will take them out one by one, and if necessary take out all nations until there are none left. In order to do all this, the draft will have to come into being. I can't envision a scenario that an endless series of preemptive wars will not require more than voluntary manpower. When it becomes necessary, it will go through the house and senate faster than the Roadrunner, and there wont be a thing any of us can do about it but wave a picket sign 10 miles from the White House.

Along with that, the people voted for allowing the government to make moral judgements. The Constitution will be amended, hence no gay marriage. I guess I won't really care, because Im not gay or interested in marrying one, but I really don't want Bush to touch the Constitution. Bush will also work toward overturning Roe Vs. Wade, and ending abortion. Will these people who voted for Bush adopt the unwanted children who will end up in adoption homes? I don't know. Maybe I will adopt a couple of children!I guess I should feel better that the government tells me that abortion and gay marriage is wrong, and because they feel that it is wrong, I can't do it. But I don't feel better, and I wont when be excited when it happens.

I don't really know what these 4 years will bring. But, like every other American like me, I will just be docile, accept it, and just work to get mine. That's what this country gives you, and I will take it. I will keep myself more informed, keep doing what I have to do, but as for this system and all that patriotism, that's it for me. I don't know if I will bother to get up and vote early like I did this year. I really think that the South and the Midwest will be picking presidents for the next 20 years. However, if I can work toward my own goals, do what I gotta do, and continue just to stay positive and work in mycommunity, I think that will be important to me.

The direction that this country goes is beyond my control. I feel defeated, helpless, and restrained. Therefore, I feel that I have to look at what is important and what is not. Who is running this country is just not important to me, because there is nothing that I as a citizen can do about it. I was told to be a good citizen and vote, but that was nothing but a waste of my time.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

“Those damn hip hop kids! Damn the hip hop crowd!”…………..

Of course I voted today, but after I voted I had a headache the whole day.....

These last couple of days the political air has been fanatical. Through observation, I have seen how what’s most important to people is the war on Iraq, with a little bit of foresight to the War on Terror.

However, it’s all been spun to be that Iraq is the War on Terror. The popular belief is that if we fight them over there, we don’t have to fight them over here. I’m not sure if the families of the 100,000 dead Iraqis would appreciate that, but I guess that it is a point well taken by most simple people.

Another thing that is most important to people is gay marriage and abortion. Most conservative Republicans want the government to tell people you can’t have an abortion and that you can’t marry gay. The gay marriage argument that “well, if you allow gay people to marry, then people will push it to being able to marry animals or legally being pedophiles. So, the government has to tell us what’s socially acceptable and what’s not socially acceptable. I think that a great number of people who went to the polls went with only these things in mind.

Another crazy reflection I heard on a call-in show this morning was that people should vote for Bush because the kids in the military are for Bush, and there votes might get lost in the shuffle. She said that the hip hop kids were for Kerry, and that voters had to vote Bush. Now, I may not have written it the best way, but the way I interpret the phone call was that the military kids=Bush=good, and hip hop crowd=Kerry=evil. It was an interesting yet disturbing contrast made clear that somehow the “hip hop” set all voted for Kerry.

I’m sure that the hip hop crowd consists of a wide variety of people from the more politically aware who may have put a lot of thought into their choice and made their decision based on the convictions, to the clueless who just went saw Eminem’s video and decided that Bush was the epitome of all that was evil and decided they would vote like last night; but how they settle that issue of not even being registered would be on them. It may even shock this person that maybe some kids in the military like hip hop!

I find the idea that the soldiers are perfect Republican angels who only like Bush and represent all that is good, and the hip hop crowd with their music and attitude and their John Kerry representing all that is evil, a bunch of crap. Scary thing is that most of the people went to the polls with this kind of mentality. I find it funny that nobody wants to do any kind of research. My effort wasn’t perfect, but at least I know what the candidates who I voted for stand for.

But I have heard and read alot of crap. Examples:

"I will vote for Bush because of his religion"

"I will vote for Bush because voting for Kerry will make the terrorists happy"

"I will vote for Bush because the Democrats want to ban the Bible"

"I will vote for Bush because the Democrats want to put Saddam back in power"

"I’m voting for Bush because of his stance on abortion, but I will remain ignorant and dumb on every other issue because I might have to think to hard and my head might explode".

LOL. Bush supporters are as funny as Eddie Murphy to me!