Saturday, June 24, 2006

Homegrown terrorists-I dont think so...

The media's approach to the so-called "terrorist plot" on the Sears Tower has been totally brainless. I prefer the commentary of Juan Cole and Truthout.

Too bad when these big companies cut up the internet into 2 tiers; we'll never get any alternative to the trash the major media gives out.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some new releases.....

Im always putting Emusic out there because its so damn fresh! Anyways, there are new releases from KRS One and Mr Lif...check them out!

KRS One's"Life" and Mr Lif'sMo Mega!

Check this out:Those of you who continue to be fascinated or repelled by how frequently, and sometimes joyously, some black people employ the word "nigger" among ourselves might want to check out a particular Web site which is leading a grassroots charge to abolish use of the "N" word altogether. The Web site,, according to its introductory statement, was begun by a group of frustrated African-Americans who feel that we as blacks have become far too comfortable with a word that was created by slave owners to degrade an entire oppressed race of people. This year, however, actor-comedian Damon Wayans — who is black — stirred up a bit of controversy when the story broke that he has actually been trying to copyright the word "nigga" with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office for nearly two years. Apparently he wants control of the word so he can use it to market some products he's trying to sell. So far his application has been turned down twice.

Read the rest onMetro Times!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Article:Why White People (KKK/GOP)Are Afraid....

I saw this as one of the comments in a story on SOHH:

You ignorant hood rats and your gangs make me sick. I hate ghetto people. WHo pays for you internet bill you slum dwellers? get a life losers. i hope all the ignorant people kill each other off so the upstanding citizens can thrive and prosper in this great nation of ours. we need a hurricane katrina in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, detroit, and anywhere else stupid niggers destroyed. why dont you all just go smoke some crack, fuck a HIV-infected "breezie", shoot your guns a "some bitch ass niggers", and just bascially DIE!!!
The commment was totally off topic, the article being about the NYC thug rapper Tru Life. But, for me, this commentary by a white web surfer showed that the sentiments of the white Republicans all across the country parallel those of their old school KKK counterparts. But why do they feel this way? Read on......
It may seem self-indulgent to talk about the fears of white people in a white-supremacist society. After all, what do white people really have to be afraid of in a world structured on white privilege? It may be self-indulgent, but it's critical to understand because these fears are part of what keeps many white people from confronting ourselves and the system.

The first, and perhaps most crucial, fear is that of facing the fact that some of what we white people have is unearned. It's a truism that we don't really make it on our own; we all have plenty of help to achieve whatever we achieve. That means that some of what we have is the product of the work of others, distributed unevenly across society, over which we may have little or no control individually. No matter how hard we work or how smart we are, we all know -- when we are honest with ourselves -- that we did not get where we are by merit alone. And many white people are afraid of that fact.

It only gets better....Read the rest on Alternet

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Complete gibberish.....the ideal IPod playlist

I aint got a damn thing, but at least I have an Ipod!

This is the ideal Ipod playlist for just a lazy Sunday afternoon in the local bookstore, bored stiff while everybody else has laptops all running, and u aint got one, where the only excitement is the various array of phat booties that pass by the window on their way to the movies. Put this on your Ipod for the next boring Sunday afternoon. This is by genre, so find songs in the genre....Start out with some NYC underground hip hop, then switch to some of that English UK drum and bass or whatever form of hip hop is popular over there, then switch to NYC hardcore hip hop twice with 2 back to back cuts, then slow the tempo down with some funk by a real live band as oppossed to just a DJ, then take it overseas to Europe and put in some hip hop by a French, German or Italian artist. Slow it down a bit with some reggaee from Jamaica (did I spell it right?)of the roots variety, then speed up with some dancehall(and not that Sean Paul nonsense either), throw in some neo soul, then some West Coast LA or Bay Area underground (avoid the hyphy though), then really switch things up with "world" music (some African drums maybe?). Get back to some ol' school funk, then pick it up with some of that funky 60s jazz, then some ambient techno, back down to 60s jazz again, bring back some of that ol' roots reggaee twice , then some ol' jazz (John Coltrane, maybe some Cab Calloway), some bluez, and then wrap it up with some old r&b from the 50s.

Now thats guaranteed to let you chill as you watch all the girls walk by and sip your Strawberry/Raspberry Smoothie, watching people punch stuff up on their laptops which you dont have.