Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Time to Speak

I remember back in the days when rappers would address social issues. In the late 80s and early 90s the climate of hate was so bad, but back then you had artists and groups like Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Ice-T & Body Count, X Clan, Tragedy, KRS-1 who tackled issues and whether or not you agreed or disagreed, or liked there music, you had to respect that. The type of sentiment that fed so much hatred exists now in Fox News, the GOP, and like I had referred to earlier, Glen Beck.

Chuck D has a song out called "By the Time I Get To Arizona". From what I see, Chuck is really trying to get Public Enemy back out there, but is it the right time? In the present hip hop environment which is dominated by the likes of Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne, are they up for the task of dealing with these issues head on. How about "Jigga" Jay-Z, or Guccie Mane? Are they up for the task. Can Chuck D compete with those type of artists?

I'm not inclined to believe the videos on Youtube that explain that all the present day rappers are agents of the Illuminati, secret societies and such. Nah, I can't really buy into those ideas; interesting as they are and however on point they seem, I'd have to say that they do point to an interesting truth. When you consider how much the music has changed, and how it's not cool for the music, or the audience to be smart or about something, you start to realize that maybe KRS-One and Chuck D have went from leading a somewhat effective cultural revolution to being those old guys who, as Nelly would say to KRS-One, need to retire.

Not only that, along the way, the "revolution" of KRS-One and Chuck were compromised along the way. This is beyond the scope of one single journal entry; there is a whole story to that. It seems like all of us have been compromised or just don't care anymore. Where is the anti-war movement? Hello, we're still in Afghanistan! It seems like maybe people thought we arrived since Obama got elected, some are just trying to get that $, and trying to get ahead, or even survive!

Or maybe like rap and hip hop we've all just been dumbed down, and don't have anything to say.....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glen Beck and Louis Farrakahn, Rock The Bells!

MLK made his classic "I Have A Dream" Speech 8/28/1963

As busy as I am, I don't get time to write and I am the only one writing this! Anyways, this is a pretty fascinating weekend.

Interesting was the whole Glen Beck thing that happened in DC. I saw him on FOX News (of course) this morning and listened to what he had to say.

Glen was talking about how the country is going down "the wrong path" and that he told like 600,000 people or so that people can't go to other people for solutions, that they need to find it within themselves to improve spiritually.

Then I thought, hmmm. Haven't I heard this before? Seems that this was the same thing that Louis Farrakahn said at the Million Man March back in '97. Though I am sure both parties would hate a comparison between the two, I really think that in a way, the two events were somewhat similar, but just aimed at two different crowds. The March attracted and went for more working class black people, whereas the Glen Beck thing was more for the working class, whites especially.

The messages of the two were similar; this country is messed up, our situation is bad, the US government is doing nothing to correct the situation, so we need to get our own individual houses in order before we can change the country or our communities situation. Today is the annual Rock The Bells show here in the DMV, the only rap concert that is now promoted. If you go to Rock the Bells, there's no need to check out any other show.

Just like before, can't go. Don't have ca$h to buy the ticket, no hook up, plus it's hot and not really feeling like going. Maybe next year, though....