Sunday, October 05, 2003

Hello everybody. I havent really done a thing with this spot so I guess a lot of people have come up on here all disappointed and whatnot. But, people are always talking this stuff about being GOPers and Democrats. I happen to love hip hop music. I listened to Talib Kweli's "Quality" and Nas's "Illmatic".

I want to mix Hip Hop and politics to present an alternative viewpoint to politics from a hip hop perspective. I will go through the papers and focus in on what is going on in the news and give my honest opinion of it.

I dont really care what people think, and as it is, this whole project may be ignored. But, then again, Ann Coulter has a following, so anything is possible, right?

But, its all late now, Im up really late, and I figure, if Im going to write a journal, why not write it on the internet?

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