Monday, April 10, 2006

Excerpt from an article "Hip Hop and Gangs"

Hip Hop music video watchers may have noticed a few years ago everyone was throwing up what appeared to be gang signs. In videos, CD covers, promo photos and aligning them selves with certain colors alluding to gang affiliations. I remember watching TRL and a certain corn ball ass rapper came out throwing up a “Playboy Crip” sign. That’s a Mexican west coast gang, not a NY black gang. Now, if you’re some impressionable kid from the ‘burbs or some inner city kid looking to be a part of something, what would think? Maybe he’s a triple O.G. and all the people behind him are in his gang? “Takes more than some niggas wearing the same colors and silly ass hand movement to be a gang” says a member of a Baltimore gang.

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