Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's important this week?

I am trying to experiment with writing like relevant pieces like alot of other more serious bloggers. But, really, I cant write on the Israel/Lebanon crises. It was really weird to me, yesterday Myspace was having issues and for a minute my accout was deleted. I was devastated! It seems like Myspace had issues last week, and yesterday somebody hacked into the system and erased accounts. But, I thought to myself, considering the death toll in Lebanon, the most important thing to me was my Myspace account? That contrast was weird to me. But really, what would I be without my Myspace friends? Strange indeed.

I used to hang out at the strip clubs out here in Maryland in PG County, and now that I dont anymore, I guess that era is over. Really it is. Apparently, the strip clubs was such a pressing issue that The Prince George's County Council has voted to adopt strict regulations for strip clubs, including requiring them to get a license. On the real, if you know as much as I know about this scene, and I dont know much, but this will just force them to be more underground more or less. Those places were nothing but holes in the walls and there were so few. Like I said, I dont really got to those spots anymore. But it is funny how the governments on the local and federal level are working so hard to legislate morality (or reinforce "traditional American Values") Traditional conotates "old school", so were these the values Americans had when they were lynching slaves? Hmmm........

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