Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gun Violence in the Inner Cities

Somebody needs to revive the "Stop the Violence" Movement......

From News10Now:Mothers Against Gun Violence hold candlelight vigil:More than a hundred candles were lit last night to try to end violence. The candlelight vigil at Clinton Square was put on by Mothers Against Gun Violence.

From Post Gazette: A mother recounted the day her 14-month-old son was shot, a police officer told of his experiences, a sportsman voiced his rights and a professor expounded facts and statistics during a hearing on urban violence conducted by the state Senate Judiciary Committee here yesterday. The purpose was to identify problems and possible solutions regarding gun violence in Pennsylvania cities

From Boston Globe: Stereotyping recent gun violence (``Park shootings spark fears of gangs, calls for jobs," City Weekly, Aug. 6 ), as gang-related, blaming victims, and proposing park closings and curfews create unnecessary distractions from demanding real solutions and police accountability in protecting our neighborhoods from gun violence. Two things have become very clear: There is a group of young adults approximately ages 18 to early 30 s who are not hopeful about their future. Secondly, the police department has not built a positive working relationship with these residents in a way that enables the police to get information that will both help to prevent and solve these acts of gun violence.

FromCBS4: Monday night police responded to the area of 1419 NW 56th Street in reference to a shooting. Witnesses who spoke to CBS4 News said they originally heard several gunshots raging through the street, and then another set of gunshots which sounded like retaliation.

From WKRN: The 100 murders that beset the Nashville area in 2005 represented a 72% increase over 2004. Chief Serpas said the police department is taking steps to crack down on gangs and gun crimes

From KLTV: Two people are in jail, the first arrests today in a string of drive-by shootings. The violence started last night on South 12th Street in Longview. Longview Police say Anthony Lamar Harvey challenged another man to a fight, then pulled out a gun and fired, injuring 19-year-old Decorian Allen. Nearly two hours later, there was a drive-by on Wylie Circle. Then, this morning, there were three more drive-bys, all within an hour. The first on Bolton Street, the second on Flanagan Drive, and the third on Margo Street. On Flanagan Drive, one woman was shot in the leg. She was taken to a local hospital.

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