Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9/13/1996-The day the music died....
I like that song "American Pie" which has that line "the day the music died". It wasnt that literally rock n' roll died, it was that pretty much an era ended and in came in a couple of years of really bad rock music until Hendrix got big.

For hip hop, Tupac's death was alot like when Buddy Holly died. However, Tupac's death differs in context; what Tupac rapped about, the life he chose as oppossed to the life he had the potential to live, the mentality he preached as a reaction to the establishment, and what he stood for.

I saw the movie Resurrection today and what suprised me about Tupac was how articulate he was. Back in the mid 90s most rappers like all the guys down with the Wu-Tang Clan and the Lost Boyz, they were the stars, but when they got interviewed, they just came off as ignorant and dumb in my opinion, saying "You know what Im saying?"at the end of each statement, or some other dumb played out hip hop cliche.

Not Tupac. When the camera was on him, he spoke using proper English, grammer, and the occasional "you know" but everybody talks like that. Tupac could get around regular street cats and speak their language, but he could still present himself in such a way that showed his true intelligence.

I'm like damn, I'd give up all the rappers today to just get Tupac back, for real. Let him be the only rapper, because 97.5% of these MC's today dont need to even exist.

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