Friday, November 17, 2006

Commentary of the week: For all the defeated Black Republicans......

Well, Michael Steele here in Maryland never had a chance at winning the Senate race, despite taking those cute pictures with a dog he doesnt even own and looking like a big smiley b--ch all the time, but this article on BAW has some good tips for other Black Republicans who need to up their ante with the black community.....

They need to stop with the condescension and cheap psychology -- like claiming that that black people are stuck on the “Democratic plantation.” What that implies is that black Democrats have a slave mentality. It’s offensive in that it implies that most of us vote Democratic because white Democrats tell us to do so; that we’re too passive or stupid to compare the records and the facts for ourselves.

I choose to remove myself from that Republicrap foolishness and be an independent. But its funny watching you all go back and forth at each other; kinda like Jim Jones vs. Jay Z; an entertaining and sad spectacle.

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