Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Move over Sage Francis, underground hip-hop hopeful Alltruisms drops "Clusterbombs" July 1st on Gravel Records.

Clusterbombs is the debut solo LP from Gravel Records recording artist and Giraffe Nuts member Alltruisms. The album distills 16 fully-realized tracks into a 45-minute journey, guided by a man of our times, who is most of all a traveler. He is like the rest of us. Politically aware, but faced with more immediate job problems, car problems, girl problems, and mostly getting by with a dark sense of humor. He is a bit different from the rest of us. Writing songs in a Laotian bomb crater, building houses after the tsunami in Thailand, four-day hikes in New Zealand, staying with a Fijian village minister’s family. Prone to travel solo for months at a time, return and leave again, he brings this dichotomy and unsettled motion to his songs. Clusterbombs is an innovative hip-hop release that is sure to please fans of artists such as Sage Francis, Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, A Tribe Called Quest, and Atmosphere. Clusterbombs drops July 1st via Gravel Records.

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