Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I got this CD called "The Compilation" from this group called The Hustle Group. Who is The Hustle Group"?The Hustle Group is a group of young brothers making a comeup in the music industry. It consists of three artists. Rotimi is the cool R&B singer, Dre Dub is the cocky, grimy, blunt MC, and J Loonz is the lyrical, creative rhymesayer.

What I like about this group is they got variety. Dre Dub makes the club bangers, J Loonz does hip hop reminiscent of mid 90s "Golden Age" rap, Rotimi is the type of singer who though you could hear him on the radio, he's not commercial R&B and evokes soul in such a way he could be a "neo soul" singer. In what each of them do, they show their skills and truly shine on their respectable tracks.

From what I heard on their album titled "The Compilation" include J Loonz "Igniter". J's got skills and it shows on this excellent track. Some may object to the subject matter (smoking weed)but the tracks tight. Another track which stands out is "Alerp At Ya Boy!" where Dre Dub rips it up on this club track. Rotimi is soulful on "Heart Saying".

This is a compilation which seems to serve as a demo of this groups skills. Only thing I can suggest is that they each should do an album. Out of each of these stellar artists, I'm waiting for what comes next!

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