Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wackness

Im watching this movie now, The Wackness. Not only is this the title of the movie, this is the right word to describe this movie.

The plot? Who cares. It is just like an hour and a half of muddling through the lives of two losers, one middle age, and one teen.

There is hardly a plot with an ending to spoil. The whole movie is spoiled. The only gimmick of this movie is that in the first half of the movie, they play alot of hip hop. The movie is set in '94, but some of the music they play to fit the time didn't come out until '95 and '96.

Even though they try to appeal (or pander to) the hip hop audience, there is very little that will appeal to them. The teen is a drug dealer, but he's probably the lamest drug dealer I've ever seen portrayed in a film. He does use a little slang, like "Word" and "Peace Out". But he's so boring.

Then there is the "love interest". She's kinda hot. Just kinda. I'd like to see the actress in a real movie. Method Man appears in the movie, as a Jamaican drug dealer. Hearing Meth talk in a Jamaican accent is too too funny. You just have to hear it.

When they get past the hip hop gimmick, and when the movie finally comes to an end to the tune of "All The Young Dudes", a rock song from the 70s, I start thinking that this movie would have been more interesting if it was about a white drug dealer in New York who graduates in like, 1974. If you replace the hip hop with rock music from the 70s (like Lou Reed and David Bowie), and change the main characters wardrobe to some 70s type style, you would've had a better movie. The movie as it is now sucks bad. Two thumbs down.

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