Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glen Beck and Louis Farrakahn, Rock The Bells!

MLK made his classic "I Have A Dream" Speech 8/28/1963

As busy as I am, I don't get time to write and I am the only one writing this! Anyways, this is a pretty fascinating weekend.

Interesting was the whole Glen Beck thing that happened in DC. I saw him on FOX News (of course) this morning and listened to what he had to say.

Glen was talking about how the country is going down "the wrong path" and that he told like 600,000 people or so that people can't go to other people for solutions, that they need to find it within themselves to improve spiritually.

Then I thought, hmmm. Haven't I heard this before? Seems that this was the same thing that Louis Farrakahn said at the Million Man March back in '97. Though I am sure both parties would hate a comparison between the two, I really think that in a way, the two events were somewhat similar, but just aimed at two different crowds. The March attracted and went for more working class black people, whereas the Glen Beck thing was more for the working class, whites especially.

The messages of the two were similar; this country is messed up, our situation is bad, the US government is doing nothing to correct the situation, so we need to get our own individual houses in order before we can change the country or our communities situation. Today is the annual Rock The Bells show here in the DMV, the only rap concert that is now promoted. If you go to Rock the Bells, there's no need to check out any other show.

Just like before, can't go. Don't have ca$h to buy the ticket, no hook up, plus it's hot and not really feeling like going. Maybe next year, though....

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