Sunday, September 05, 2010


Throughout the vast internet there are many arguments that I see. One of the biggest amongst the tea party and disgruntled whites is the idea of "W.E.T" or white entertainment television.

Most of these people think that if there is a BET, there should be a W.E.T. Their main argument is that it is not fair to have a BET if you don't have a W.E.T. They say that "why shouldn't there be a W.E.T?

I'm wondering, if there was a W.E.T, what would be televised on it? I guess white entertainment. But white entertainment is a broad thing. I'm sure that not every white person likes Seinfeld, Beavis and Butthead, NASCAR, Jackass, Glen Beck, and golf tournaments. Could W.E.T be a mix of all that? I don't think so. This is part of the problem of W.E.T.

There never is any insight as to what would be on this so called network. I don't think that nazi tv shows would be popular, like the neo nazis want. The tea party crowd already has Fox News. I figure that this network would also serve the neo nazis as well. The rednecks got FX, Spike and CMT. The yuppies got HGTV, VH1, and CNBC. Homosexuals have that gay network. How can W.E.T fill the needs of all these groups? Can W.E.T be something that can something for everybody? BET is for the young urban hip hop crowd, and doesn't apologize for that. Who will W.E.T truly represent?

I guess that most digruntled whites would think that W.E.T would level the playing field, but I don't think that it will ever be anything but alot of some bigots ideas. BET will still exist in it's present format as long as Viacom exists, and I think W.E.T will only be a talking point for disgruntled angry whites and nothing more. Unless they come up with a plan, it will never be.


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Coming from a young white person, I think the answer is a broad one. I am not excusing people who claim the need for a white-only entertainment network; I think it is unneccesary, and counterproductive to a truly homogeneous American society. I also tend to think that way about the BET.

    I think the empty request for a W.E.T. is reactionary to the frustration that average whites feel in response to white culture seeming valueless in today's society. White people are told their history is filled with achievements, and they feel pride in their race for them, but also shame for the oppression those achievements caused. While remembering history as a whole is correct, all races have benefited from many of those achievements, just like history from any other race. I know a lot of white people (myself included) who are proud of their heritage, and would like to be able to show it without sounding like a neo-nazi or klansman. Average, peaceful whites are also angered because their culture is being "represented" by these deplorable hate-mongerers.

    It is standard practice in today's society, as you demonstrated, to call a white a "redneck." Why is this? "Redneck" directly relates to the color of one's skin, and their vocation as an outdoor laborer. This is a slur, and I for one think it is not relevant in today's society, and smacks of bigotry. I have heard some whites try to adopt the slur as a badge of pride, which to me is really sorry.

    You state that the BET represents the urban, hip hop crowd. If that is so, why is it called the BET, and not the Hip Hop Entertainment Channel. I think that is where people get confused about the BET; the fact that race is a part of the very title of the channel.

    I apologize for the rambling response. I am open to an actual discussion on this. I am naive in many things of black culture and hip-hop/ urban culture, because it is not my culture. I grew up in a town with 600 white people in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Hopefully I have found a forum in which to have this discussion.

  2. times are very interesting these days. We all really need to gain a wake up call and get on the same page. Human beings unite.

  3. Anonymous10:27 PM

    So all gay people are white? Intelligent.