Sunday, April 25, 2004

Ignorant posting of the day

This was taken from the message board, by, what else? A white hip hop fan who calls himself the "Assassin" (ohhh...scary..LOL):

Well, the idea that you're not hip-hop unless you support reparations is kind of a joke. Hip-hop isn't about politics, even if they do cross paths sometimes. Maybe it was formed as a response to certain social conditions, but what it is is an art form. Politically driven rap is just a small part, and Public Enemy didn't form until well after hip-hop was born. And turntables, break-dancing, and graffiti aren't about protesting for reparations. Art and music are universal, so the idea that you can't be part of it unless you hold a certain set of political views is irrational. And Dead Prez know it, too, but they would rather take the easy way out and do their whole righteous anger act.


The response to this posting included some people commenting that of course one of the songs that brought rap to the forefront was "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, followed by "White Lines" by Melle Mel, and "Hard Times" by Run DMC.

Again, you have an instance of a young new jack fan who wants to claim that he knows it all about hip hop, and that politics and hip hop are not synonymous. This to me reflects again the arrogance of white teens who come into the music only liking Eminem, and all of a sudden after watching VH1's re-telling of hip hop history, they want to claim they know what hip hop is and is not.

In terms of holding certain political views, it sounds to me that dude is just trying to take things in such a way that makes him feel comfortable. Its just pretty much a way to get it out of the "hood" and all the real concerns of it, and dumb it down so people like him will appreciate it. Thats what the article I posted said a couple days back, but now its coming straight out of the horse's mouth.

Im glad that the other cats responded and came correct. Funny thing is, I used to really sweat cats like that, but I'd rather just laugh at them.

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