Monday, April 26, 2004

A List of Old School Political Rap Jams

Jesse-Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five

This was a classic jam which was Melle Mel's attempt to cheer on the first black candidate for the White House. There was a lot of love for Jesse back then.

The Message-Furious Five

The classic chorus about life in the city. Can be read as a Reagen era lament on hopelessness in the urban ghetto.

Renegades of Funk-Afrika Bambatta

This was political in that announced hip hop as a movement, that they were "renegades of the common age." First time I heard about Malcolm X.

If I Ruled the World-Kurtis Blow

Not really revolutionary, but still a fun jam about what it would be like if black brothers were running things.

Yeah You Can Do It-Crush Crew

A rare jam which talks about what Reagen was doing wrong, and tell black folks that they could rise above their conditions despite Reagen.

Criminal Minded- BDP Crew

Classic KRS One which introduced him to the world. Political in its criticism and projecting the gangsta attitude at the same time.

Life Is A Ghetto- Dr Freshhhh

Rare, unknown jam which compared the streets to the wars at the time in the Middle East, and insisted on equal attention in both cases.

Sign of the Times-Grandmaster Flash

They talked about Reagen "We got actors runnin' for President so what the hell is wrong with this government.

White Lines Don’t Do It-Melle Mel

Talked about the crack problem long before drugs were an issue.

World War 3-Melle Mel

Melle Mel was deep in his jam against nuclear war, a common 80's fear.

Hard Times-RUN DMC

RUN DMC talked about the troubles of poor folks in the hood.

Unity-Afrika Bambatta and James Brown

Its all about Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun. Talked about social ills.

(Not Going to Play) Sun City-RUN DMC, Melle Mel

Rapped against playing for South African apartheid regime.

Abortion-Dougie Fresh

Spoke out against abortion. Doug was the first "pro-life" rapper (and probably the only one to date).

F the Police-N.W.A

Called out for self defense against crooked cops.

Express Yourself-N.W.A.

Dre kicked positive about doing your thang despite your conditions.

My Philosophy- B.D.P Crew

KRS kicked his full worldview in this classic.

And more forgotten classics...........

Livin’ In the City- 7-11
You Gotta Believe-Lovebug Starski
Do the Right Thing-Lovebug Straski
Rappin’ Ron Reagen-Rappin’ Ron Reagen
World’s Famous-World’s Famous Supreme Team
New York, New York-Grandmaster Flash
Schooly D- Am I Black Enough For You
Melle Mel- Beat Street Breakdown

And what proceeded rap?

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised-Gil Scott Heron
Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution-Last Poets
The Big Payback-James Brown

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