Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bush's RNC Convention speech

Was it just me? I wasn't really blown away by this speech like people said I should've been. I feel like so many others out there, kinda stuck in between. I don't really like Kerry, Im not feeling Bush, and the only reason I would vote is out of respect for many of the people who died for this freedom, for what its worth. I did notice, and I wonder if anybody besides Michael Moore will point it out, that he did not say Bin Laden's name once. I might be wrong. I admit I was bored and found myself talking trash in some crazy AOL chat room. But, what I heard, I didn't hear any references to it at all. I don't know, Im not really feeling this whole election thing. I don't care about the Swift Boat Veterans, I don't care about the attack ads, I didn't care too much about the RNC, and the slight high I got from the Dem Convention has gone even faster than my interest waned seeing Mase's "Welcome Back" video the 2nd time. Of course, Andre 3000 was nowhere to be found, or did I miss him too? Rumors were that he was going to sing, host, or film a documentary; however, for a dude so flamboyant, if he was there, he seemed to keep a low profile. Was Diddy there? I read and have posted some stuff saying he'd be there, but I didn't see him on TV. Maybe I missed it, maybe the GOPers didn't want to associate with "his kind", I don't know. But, like Beavis and Butthead after watching a bad video, all I can say is "Thank God thats over".

The most amusing story I saw was in the article >"Where Music And The Elections Collide". It's a rundown on the stuff I talk about, how music and politics interact. The weirdest part was the "The Hip-Hop Cheney Connection":

A relatively unknown rap label is making an extraordinary amount of noise with a song called "Fahrenheit 9/11," which features Bizzy Bone, Double R and also D12 member's Bizarre. The label claims that vice-president Dick Cheney might endorse the song for its "pro-American" mantra. Through a statement, they admitted they didn't know if it would come to fruition. "I'm not certain this will happen but it makes sense that he would promote this record,' said Double R, a Gulf War Veteran. On the song, Bizarre says, "Now I'm dressed in the county blues lookin' at the news ready to blow a fuse all my n***s is quick to blast let Bin Laden come to Detroit I got something for his stankin a**." The song is featured on a documentary called "High Wattage 9/11: Face the Hip Hop Nation" and is now offered on iTunes.

Uh.....yeah. Anyways, some odds and evens:

Wish I could check out this festival in Canada; I heard the chicks are hot too def there.1st Annual Hip-Hop Fest Kicks Off In Vancouver

I used to be a big fan of this rapper: Esham goes 'back to the streets'

Whoo Kid: Yeah I own a lot of stuff and I hate paying taxes. If I get a million kids to vote against the system, maybe I can get my taxes lowered (laughs). I was always ignorant when I was younger because I didn't give a f**k about voting and I probably still don't give a f**k about voting.

Jim Jones: I don't have beef with no one but the devil, you feel me. I just don't stand for people talking reckless at the mouth. I don't stand for that and that's it.

Where Music And The Elections Collide

Radio Host Angie Martinez announced that Damon Dash and Jay-Z have nothing to do with the Roc anymore since they sold Roc-A-Fella to Island/Def Jam.

LOL-Wack commercial gangstas be damned!:Chants of “50 Cent is a wanker” were heard and the group were jeered and heckled throughout the short appearance.

Visionary Street Artist Bua Announces Poster Signings In L.A. And San Francisco

Ras Baraka, Deputy Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, has teamed with various Hip-Hop artists and producers to create Hip-Hop For The P.E.O.P.L.E. (Providing Education Opportunity, Prosperity and Life Eternally), a new national community service program

Lauryn Hill's comeback? Lauryn Hill new album.

Somebody's head has gotten too big! LOL: Kanye West reckons his near fatal car crash has made him a prophet.

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