Sunday, September 26, 2004

Journal notes 9/21-9/26

I’ve been gone a little while. First, my friend had a wedding and I was one of the groomsmen. I spent about $120.00 on some stripper named Dynamite at my friends “bachelor party” (i.e. a night out at the stripclub!) The wedding was fun, I saw the “Lean Back” dance being done (wondering how the heck can folks my age keep up with that stuff!) Then, I went on a bizness trip to Las Vegas. My first time in Vegas, it was really fun. Didn’t have much “fun” because I was around my co-workers, and was low on cash. I’m into seedy stuff; I wasn’t really down for touring per se…I wanted to check out the hookers and to gamble my money away. It was cool, met a couple of hookers (but didn’t hook up with any), played the slots, it was fun. I liked the local hip hop station there; one day I woke up to Sir Mix A Lot’s “Posse On Broadway”, and they played the jams like Tupac’s “To Live and Die in LA” and Kurupt’s “We Can Freak It”. I like hearing that West Coast sound, and they don’t really have that same appreciation here in DC, so it was cool.

I got it for much cheaper, but buy "Bang" on Amazon.

For the last couple of weeks I watched a bunch of movies as well. I watched this one movie called “Bang” about some cops who are trapped and held captive by a gang of crazy dudes. It was brutal, but insightful. Each of the cops has a flash back to when they did some foul stuff, like steal money from a crime scene, treat people bad, sleep with other dudes girls, and they are blasted one by one. It’s an independent hood flick, more or less, and I hoped for a better ending. Another movie I saw was Paper: Incriminating Evidence, another really thugged out NYC hood flick, set in all the hoods in NYC, it was a really low budget, brutal, and home movie looking flick. The setting and reality of it really kept my interest, but it was pretty low budget for a hood flick. Yet another flick I saw was Black Godfather”. This movie wasn’t so much about a black version of “The Godfather” as it was a blaxpoitation flick about a crime boss who turns against the white mobsters who are pumping his hood full of heroin. It’s a black movie set in the 70’s and I liked the militancy angle of it. I think that most of the more militant black movies of the 70’s are not really known; we know mostly about the ones with pimps, drug dealers and other negative images. Another flick I saw was “Man on Fire” with Denzel, and as a movie I wasn’t really feeling it. It was ok, but it was crazy at times, confusing, and had these moments which makes me think that Denzel has been taking any old role to just pay off maybe gambling debts? Who knows. I’m one of those who feels that Denzel turned away from positive stuff to play negative roles. The role in this movie was negative, I mean, a gun toting, alcoholic black man? I wasn’t really feeling it.

Oh well, I had enough excitement for a week, and now its back to the daily grind.

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