Monday, May 16, 2005

Memphis Bleek in fight?

You know, I can' help but feel sorry for rapper Memphis Bleek. He can't get his shine, he has to ride on the coat tails of Jay, and the brotha just cannot get a break! And now, this whole getting into a fight thing happens. Apparently, he got into a fight with a DJ in North Carolina named "Charlamange the God" and got his butt whupped!

Funniest thing about this was the response of his record company to cover it up so he wouldn't lose his "gangsta" credibility, which his music thrives on:

To add more to the proof of the altercation. DEF JAM is truly trying to save their sinking ship and Memph Bleek is truly not gangsta. A faxed letter was received Sunday (5/15) from an attorney reppin' Bleek and Def Jam stating that if any pictures of Bleeks Rocafella Chain or any internet acutions regarding his chain appeanar online then Innercity Broadcasting (owners of Hot 103.9/Columbia, SC) would be sued and Charlamagne The God would have charges pressed against him for assult and battery and strong armed robbery.

Memphis's chain on EBay? ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what sucks about being a "gangsta" rapper; constantly having to prove how hard you are, getting sucker punched, and before you know it the few fans you might have aren't f-ing with your music anymore. It must suck.

On a better note, even though I can't stand Slim Shady, I have to give him credit to giving the Anger Management Tour #3 DJ job to the Alchemist. That was a good move. But what about the fact that Eminem's fellow artist and tour act 50 Cent said in his Vibe Magazine interview that Koch Records was an "artist graveyard" and that Koch artists are no good, and the Alchemist turns out to be a Koch artist? Oh well, I guess what goes around comes around.

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