Thursday, May 05, 2005

Stuff I've missed

First of all, I've been out the loop on my hip hop news, slacking up. I was doing some surfing on street gangs, and I found a lot of hip hop news on the siteGangsta411.

First of all, I think the whole Detroit rap war and the murder of Detroit rapper Blade Icewood is sad. Here we got another situation like what happened to Camouflouge and Soulja Slim, two other brothers who never got their shine because of stupid shyt.

How about DJ Green Lantern leaving shitty, I mean Shady Records? The funniest thing he said was that his phone call to Jadakiss created a situation where there would be "tension" between 50 and Eminem. The only thing I regret is that not happening, because if it did, that would be alot more interesting than 90% of the music they put out.

I would love to have seen the cat fight between Foxy Brown and Jacki-O! That would have been something worth taping! But really, what is up with Foxy? I swear, I've heard about her coming back for like the last couple of years. I just don't know, she has a serious identity problem, because some of her music is all sad and dreary, and then some of it is her being what she was back in the day, that Ill Na Na stuff. I hope Foxy gets it together, because she's hot.

Meanwhile, Jacki-O is trying to cash in like Paula Abdul's so called "ex-lover" and milking her lies about kicking Foxy's ass for all it's worth. Jacki-O ain't shyt, she's a miserable looking burnt out ex-stripper who sucked one too many d's. She needs to go back to the miserable hole in the wall strip club she came from.

Check out the 2005 FBI gang assessment report, it's pretty interesting.

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