Monday, February 13, 2006

The controversy over Islamic cartoons and racism

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Now I know that in the Islamic faith, the Muslims don't want the prophet Muhammed to be illustrated because of the whole aspect of making up an idol, bowing down and worshipping it. I mean, let's be real, ever since the image of Christ as looking very white with long hair has become indicative of what he really looked like, its not hard to see the influence of white supremacy in making who we worship, well, white, even though there is a possibility that he was black. Check out Jesus Black Ancestors, Was Jesus black? and another Was Jesus Black? article. Although some will say that it does not matter, to me it does matter.

What if Muhammed was black? Talk about unthinkable. I saw the cartoons and to me the Prophet was painted as just looking like a simple Arab. The cartoon makes him look slightly buffonish, with a bomb as a turban.

This image is as ignorant as it gets. It makes me think that it serves no real purpose. Its not funny. It didnt make me laugh. It painted the Prophet and all Muslims in one broad stroke as being terrorists. The image of the Prophet didn't even really provoke any kind of thought provoking reflection. In short, it was just dumb, really dumb. The same Republicans who scream free speech would be screaming bloody murder if an AmeriKKKan did a comic strip lamponing the soldiers as murderers and rapists.

As for the Muslim world, again, I ask, what if the prophet was black? Check out JA Rogers Sex and Race Books to see what I am talking about. I'll just leave it at that.

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