Wednesday, March 15, 2006

She Watch Channel Zero (but skipped Flavor of Luv)

Once again, my heros in Public Enemy dissapoint me with another contradiction. Back in 1988, PE released the classic "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back". Over a intense guitar riff (from "Angel of Death" by Slayer)and pulsing beat, they railed against women obsessed with TV soap opera fantasies in the jam "She Watch Channel Zero". In the song Flavor Flav insists that you "Stop watching that garbage" in his ad libs.

Does that garbage include the "Flavor of Love", the show that just wrapped up with a finale just last Sunday. Granted, at first when I heard the idea, I was like thinking this was totally stupid. However, later on I got addicted to it. I was at the edge of my seat as I watched the white ghetto girl Pumkin spit at the sassy actress called New York.

However, I could not get over the obvious; this show was stupid. From all the contrived drama to the non-climatic disappointing finale, this show had absolutely no redeeming value at all. It was so bad that if you read the lyrics to "She Watch Channel Zero", like these:

7, 5, 4, 8 she watched she said
All added up to zero
And nothing in her head
She turns and turns
And she hopes the soaps
Are for real - she learns
Is that it ain't true, nope
But she won't survive
And rather die and lie
Falls a fool - for some dude - on a tube

you just realize she wouldn't be diggin' Flav like that. I mean, come on, Flav's cool and all, but here is a list of his accomplishments besides being the hype man for Chuck D:

1. Punching his girlfriend in the face (1991)
2. Installing flashing lights around his license plate - almost daring the police to pick him up for outstanding warrants (1992)
3. Firing his gun at a neighbor (1993)
4. Drying out in rehab (1993)
5. Assaulting a woman who took a photo of one of his many children (1994)
6. Toting around vials of crack cocaine (1995)
7. Possessing pot while riding a bicycle (1996)
8. Canoodling with Brigitte Nielsen in a hot tub (2004)
9. Evading payments of child support for his families - in public (2005)

From the weblog The Trades

Good thing about the show was that you learned a lil more than the above about Flav. He is just a character and a half. But, on the flip side the idea of these young dumb cluckhead girls fighting over him (and they literally did)and just the Channel Zero aspects of this show make me wonder if PE was really down for theirs or if they were just full of s--t.

But I can't front, I will be watching the Jerry Springer-ish reunion show in a couple of weeks. But shame on you Flav! Shame!

Written by Chuck D in 1988:

Trouble vision for a sister
Because I know she don't know, I quote
Her brains retrained
By a 24 inch remote
Revolution a solution
For all our children
But all her children
Don't mean as much as the show, I mean
Watch her worship the screen, and fiend
For a TV ad
And it just makes me mad

What does Chuck D think of "Flavor of Love"?

Got into a big thing on Flav's new show FLAVOR OF LOVE on VH1. I actually dig this show, keeps me laughing. I mean I wasn't a fan of those Fantasy Island shows, nor The Bachelor but this show has me in ironic stitches. Again some folks say its not in line with PE, but FLAVOR's line is a different drum. Always. I never and don't expect Mr. Drayton to be an ad-libbing, second voice, hype man character for the sake of paying his billings. He must expand and do his thing, as long as he doesn't disrespect his family, something that I did my best to keep VH-1 from airing.

From the Public Enemy site

Oh much for the "revolution".......

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