Monday, March 06, 2006

What I saw on "BET News"

It's been a long day of working like 2 jobs and I got home, tired and just wanting to watch something to stimulate my mind. These days, you can't get that from BET (formely known as Black Entertainment Television, they should change their name).

I remember before Robert Johnson sold his network out to Viacom they used to attempt to have intelligent shows, with one show where Tavis Smiley hosted, and they used to (but not any more) have a really good news show. I really don't watch BET that much, but I didn't realize that it all went down hill until today.

On my computer list for my cable box it said "BET News". A show with pro chicken head Lil Kim went off, and the next show came on. Sometime the listing is wrong, so I started watching this show, where this dude name Toure starts interviewing Jay-Z and Nas. I thought that my channel listing was wrong. This couldn't be the "News".

But oh yes it was. BET News presents it said over the Jay-Z and Nas title. I was like, huh? This is news?

I guess I was expecting too much in thinking that BET would have a show about well, maybe like real news that affects the black community? How about dealing with issues that affects the black community, something.

But that's the old BET. Some ol' white suits are really dictating whats on BET now. A real news show....nah, that'll bore those simple negros. Put on the back to back reruns of "In Living Color".

Scheduling is one thing, but "BET News presents Jay-Z and Nas"? News? WTF?

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