Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ol school-Book on MLK stabbing in Harlem

The book "When Harlem Killed King" is a book about a day in 1958 when Dr. Martin Luther King went to Harlem and was stabbed by a crazy woman who thought that MLK was a "communist". Believe it or not (but it doesnt suprise me!) the crazy woman was black.....

The book goes into every detail of that day; how MLK choose the site of Harlem department store as oppossed to a neighborhood book store called the National Memorial African Bookstore, which sold books with names like The Damn White Man (couldnt find that on Amazon, I tried). The reasoning was that a book like this pointed to the beliefs of the book seller, and Martin Luther King was about loving his neighbor, not hatred. However, Lewis Michaeaux, the owner of the bookstore felt snubbed. He voiced his discontent at the book signing. This conflict points to MLK's conflicting with the black radicals who were active in his day. However, though Lewis and his group voiced their dissatisfaction with being ignored by MLK, they didnt go so far as to plan to kill the man, like the right wing crazy Izola Curry.

Nobody in this book for me was as interesting as Izola Curry. This was the woman who stabbed MLK in the chest with a blade and were it not for a team of talented black doctors, MLK would not have made history. The interesting thing abut Izola was that she hated groups like the NAACP. She claimed they were communists and she thought that communists were after her and trying to ruin her life. She also hated white people as well, so she wasnt one of those weirdos like those black Republicans today who love white people and condemn black people for being lazy and "irresponsible". She simply hated everybody.

The book goes into detail about Izola Curry:

Like plenty of others in those days, Curry believed the NAACP was controlled by Communists. But in her increasingly deranged state of mind, unlike paranoids like J Edgar Hoover, she sought no evidence of such a connection. She simply assumed as much. She assumed that Communists were running things in every civil rights organization. pg. 49

How she felt about MLK and the black church I've heard expressed from the lunatic black republican fringe:

She expressed extreme bitterness about two things:Communism and the Negro Church.She detested Negro preachers. She felt they were flimflam artists who pimped the community. She believed that boycotts and protests led by Negro ministers were a sham and that rather than follow them into protests, Negroes should appeal directly to Congress to change racial laws. Thus in Curry's mind, MLK was a young minister pimping the community for the benefits of Communists.pg 52

I found this character to be the grandma of the all crazy right wing lunatics like Lashawn Barber,Frances Rice, the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, and some dude who calls himself "The Notorious GOP".

There is so much more to this great book and this one day, and all the history and circumstances that surrounded that day. It only made MLK stronger and he continued on his mission to change history. This great book can be brought on Amazon and Book Ladder.

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  1. We should also realize why she had these extreme views - she was a paranoid schizophrenic who had often exhibited irrational thought processes, according to the psychiatric report from her trial.