Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Record review: Ras Kass "EAT OR DIE"

Ras Kass 2007 to me is different than Ras Kass 1996. Before, he was the MC I knew for deep thought provoking material like "Soul On Ice" and "Nature of the Threat". But,a brotha gotta eat(hence the name of the CD), so Ras Kass is a lil subtle, not really putting out that deep Chuck D type stuff. He's more about NWA (Niggas with Attitude), not really NWO (New World Order). This record he put out is kinda a mixtape, kinda a freestyle mix, but its all Ras Kass!

Review of each song: Intro: This has samples from various drug flicks, echos, and a british voice talking about drugs, and another voice talking about guns. Drugs and guns, the Ras Kass of 2007!

Mange ou Maurir: Ras is doing his bit of boasting and talking about crack, along with a sample of the movie American History X; this sets the tone that its all about money and murder on this CD!

Eat or Die: This song is a real banger here; talking about robbery, sex, hustlin' to get paid no matter what. HOT!

KOTW-Songs got a cool chorus, talking about being the hottest MC in the West Coast in some lines. I think this is the song that set off his beef with rapper THE GAME. It's alright.

She Choosin-Alright song that talks about being at the club.

It's A Beautiful Thing-Very NYC East Coast type beat; I like this because this song got the hottest lyrics!

Better feat Jay 211-Ok beat, wasn't really feeling it, rhymes are typical of Ras Kass, and another NYC beat. Alright.

Whip It-An alright song with a sample of Rick Ross. Not really feelin' it.

Brains In the Mud-Ras is talking about shootin' in the chorus; kinda tight.

Realness freestyle-Ras freestyles are off the hook! HOT!

The Perfect Woman-You can skip this one. Wasn't really feeling it.

Medusa (featuring Nas)-I expected this to be a duet with Nas, but it turns out to be a sample of Nas on the chorus. Chorus was funny, though.

Capital P (w/Mobb Deep)-Average. Mobb Deep just arent as good as they used to be.

Get It In (featuring Alchemist)-Finally, a really hot beat on this CD by Alchemist! This is a real pick up for this CD.

Transferred (featuring 40 Glocc and Spider Loc) This was the song that reminds me of Ras Kass 1996; where he is talking about the plight of the black male. Plus, I always wanted to hear 40 Glocc and Spider Loc, hearing about them so much around the net. Excellent track!

All Day (featuring TQ)-This is hot, had me nodding my head, and he's basically rhyming about being locked up and not having anything to do all day. Nice beat.

Playboy (featuring Lloyd Banks)-Why is Ras Kass not a member of G-Unit by now? With all the features by Aftermath and G-Unit soldiers, and the beef with THE GAME, I guess its a moment of time?

My Blog (featuring Whoo Kid, Coach PR)-Too funny; makes fun of Myspace gangstas and people (females especially)posting pics on sites that aren't them.

Homey, Lover, Friend- Talkin' about that ghetto luv!

Fed Up-Ras's final is just letting off steam about how both white folks and black folks are messing up his career, so who can he trust?

Staying on the IPOD: Eat or Die, Jungle Love, Its A Beautiful Thing, Transferred, All Day

Check out the CD on EMUSIC and AMAZON!

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