Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Illmatic, Drake and classic albums

With all this Drake hype, what about MF Grimm?

I haven't heard the new Drake album. I heard snippets of it on Itunes, but I haven't really brought it. Will I buy it. I'm still not sure. For me, time will tell. I'd probably hold off and wait till the hype is over and buy it in like 2 years, the way I am.

I think that the good thing about Drake's success which you don't really hear about that much is the fact that he's from Canada. There have been a few exceptions, but on the real, Canada rapper's get no respect. They haven't got the attention that Drake has gotten. Usually they are marginal, and nobody expects them to sell all that well. Another cool thing about Drake is that he doesn't talk about what your average hip hop MC talks about. He's very introspective, and his music is like how he's feeling about what's going on in his life with the fame and all. I think that he's a good singer, also. Not a great singer. I wouldn't force comparisons between him and Luther Vandross or Frankie Beverly (of Maze), but he's better than Ray J, who can't sing at all, if you ask me.

There are things that I don't like about Drake though. I don't like how he seems to be all about Jay-Z. You'd think that their relationship is Drake is Luke Skywalker and Jay-Z is Ben Kenobi from the Star Wars series. I also don't like how he has been so over hyped. Up to now, he has been able to produce some good singles. However, putting together a whole album is a different story. Public Enemy's first album didn't have any great expectations, and it wasn't put out as being great. Their second album, "Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back" is a classic. Nobody can deny that Illmatic by Nas is a classic album. The hype surrounding that wasn't that great. Drake is a young artist who needs time to grow as an artist; so nobody should be expecting a classic from him. How can anybody expect a great album from him? Ice Cube grew into his greatness as an artist. Amerikkka's Most Wanted was good, then Death Certificate, he just kept on churning them out.

The industry has changed greatly, now it's hard for artists to even go platinum. People don't buy CD's anymore, more people are downloading, more albums are leaking, more people are disenchanted with crappy music being put out, and they just don't want to be bothered. Funniest thing about this is that alot of haters are waiting for the results of Drake's "Thank Me Later" record sales. More are waiting for the release of Eminem's record this week.

So, as for me, I'm going to go around the hype, save my money, and wait till later to buy Drake's record. Or maybe I'll buy that new record by MF Grimm instead.

Nicki Minaj-the truth or just fiction?

I don't know what it is, but Im not sure whether or not Im really feeling Nicki Minaj. After seeing her carrying on, making faces, and doing some so so rhyming in one of those dirty south videos (can't remember which one, they all the same), I couldn't really say, "Yeah, she tight".

Like, when I first heard Da Brat, Lil Kim, and even Trina, I was like, yeah, this female MC could be the truth, but with Nicki, I just haven't heard that.

I'm not sure for everybody else, but for me, the verdict's still out. Im not hating. However, it'll take more than her "big butt" to win me over, and I couldn't care less about her alleged nose job!

I haven't stopped this blogging thing, but right now I just don't really have the time to do it.

What I wanted to do was to mostly do music and mix tape reviews. However, I don't even have time to casually blog, let alone provide well thought out and insightful reviews of music or anything else for that matter.

I've gotten into the twitter thing, and I got a new site called Blog Urban News; check it out at

A couple of things I want to do include doing at least one record review every other week, and even interview anybody who wants to be interviewed on the site.

So, there it is. Later!

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