Friday, August 20, 2004

Andre 3000 performing at the Republican National Convention?

Andre 3000-reppin' the GOP?

Checking the BET Message Board, I came upon a posting which made me really curious:

Many fans are in disbelief as Dre of Outkast, has plans to perform at the GOP convention in New York City. On Sunday, August 29th, Andre will be shaking it like a poloroid picture for the Republican party.

Could it be that this is the Republican's way of reaching for that so-called "hip hop vote"? Have they been watching Russell Simmons, P Diddy and BET and taking notes? I could think that this is such a contrast from the days when Bob Dole and George Bush Sr. made negative comments about hip hop in their campaigns. Has hip hop gained that much clout to be showcased at the Republican convention? If so, what's up with Andre 3000 getting in the mix?

Now, the thought of Andre 3000 performing "Hey Ya" to an audience of excited and hyped up Republicans is funny to me. The Young Republicans would get loose and do the "Harlem Shake", the older Republicans wouldn't know what to do, or they'd be twisting and doing "the bump" in the ailes! LOL. Then you'd have your rap haters, Bill O'Reilly, and the Religous Right who just wouldn't know whats going on or who would hold their ears in disgust. Makes me want to watch at least this night of the RNC, to see the responses of the audience!

I did a little research and found some links which explain what Andre would be doing at the RNC. In this site, I found this statement:

Declare Yourself brought its acclaimed Spoken Word Artists, DJ and Beat Boxer to the Democratic National Convention in Boston, as well as an original copy of the Declaration of Independence. Additionally, in partnership with Declare Yourself, Andre 3000, a first-time voter, covered the convention with a documentary crew to chronicle his political journey. Declare Yourself and Andre 3000 will also go to New York for the Republican National Convention later this summer. *

So, that makes me think he is doing work with Declare Yourself, a nonpartisan organization marketing the idea of voting. Okay, thats cool, but its a long way from actually performing.

In the Washington Post I read this:

And, it turns out, both Mr. Diddy and Andre 3000 of OutKast (who were all over Boston with the Dems) have applied for credentials to shoot documentaries and TV specials from the convention. Their applications are "in process," the official revealed.

So, that further confirms that he will be more of an observer than he will be a participant or indirectly an endorser. I think that this tabloid like announcement in the AZ Central may have got the rumor started:

In another unholy union of politics and entertainment, first daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush are set to host the Republican National Convention's opening bash Aug. 29 in New York with André 3000, Stephen Baldwin, Barret Swatek (7th Heaven), Angie Harmon and hubby Jason Sehorn (St. Louis Rams) and Bo Derek, the New York Post reports.

Does it really matter? I don't want to get into all the political arguments, I just somehow can't picture this going down. If it does, I'll watch it, and tape it. I guess in the end we'll have to see just what the RNC planners have up their sleeve.

More stories:

Although Saul Williams' new self-titled full-length boasts shotgun lyrics like "White boys listen to white boys/Black boys listen to black boys/No listens to no one" and "Hip-hop is lying on the side of the road/Half dead to itself," the multitalented wordsmith nevertheless claims that he merely set out on his latest sonic journey to have a good time."

What will get those pesky kids to vote?

Political parties get creative.

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