Sunday, August 29, 2004

Aug 28-29-The Olympics, the RNC and the VMA's

RIP Aaliyah, she died this weekend in 2001

Today, I managed to miss three important events. I went home to East Hampton, CT where my father lives, and the ride back was all delayed and hectic. Travel up the East Coast is a bummer because of the Republican National Convention. Of course I missed the 2004 VMA's on MTV; I'll probably watch it at 11:30 tonite. I also didn't get to answer the question of the week; did Andre 3000 perform at the MTV VMA's or the Republican National Convention. Then there was the Olympics ending. I didn't really get into the Olympics and would have been totally oblivious if it wasn't for the girls in the various events with the tight shorts. Oh well.

But, Im going off to watch the VMA's, and I don't know if everybody is on the same page, but Aaliyah died on 8/28/2001. In this day and age of chickenhead divas who get much play at the VMA's, she is missed. She had it all, talent and looks. I miss not hearing her music.

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