Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Golden Age Hip Hop

What is golden age hip hop? Hip hop music sandwiched between Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black Planet" and Nas's "Illmatic",golden age hip hop is special to me since it was the hip hop sound at one of those weird times in my life.

There I was, a student at Howard University, and boy it was difficult. That golden age hip hop was that jazzed up hip hop I really loved. Nothing against the whole thing they do now, but this was my generations stuff.

It was that hip hop I loved even though I was that ultimate poseur, the spoiled upper middle class child of "proper" parents, and the outcast who the hip hop kids and the black militants on Howard's campus would not accept.

My grades were low, I was horny all the time, I was very shy, and I didn't know what I wanted to do with myself and my life. Every Saturday Night I listened to DJ Cee-Lo and DJ Iran on WKYS here in DC. Most of my peers graduated already; and I was taking classes again because I failed them once and I had an overabundance of my parent's money. The women I got with were my "friends" and so there was nothing going on in that department either. I was at Howard University and I didn't get to experience all that Howard University had to offer, if you know what I mean.

That's what golden age hip hop was for me; a means of escape more or less from the dire straights that was my life at the time. I love this music so much that I have got alot of it on CD. Im even willing to buy the Showbiz and AG CD for $45.00 bucks. Shyt is crazy!

Check out the Rock N Roll Fun blog and Goodka, a DJ from some European country.

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