Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm so sick of the word "Refugees"

From Yahoo! News (courtesy of AP)
With a shattered New Orleans all but emptied out, an unprecedented refugee crisis unfolded across the country Sunday, as governors and emergency officials rushed to feed, clothe and shelter more than a half-million people dispossessed by Hurricane Katrina.

Hey dumbasses in the media, get a clue. Look up the word "refugee"

Main Entry: ref·u·gee
Pronunciation: "re-fyu-'jE, 're-fyu-"
Function: noun
Etymology: French réfugié, past participle of (se) réfugier to take refuge, from Latin refugium
: one that flees; especially : a person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution

Exhibit A: These are refugees from Sudan

Exhibit B: These are refugees from Iraq

Exhibit C: These are the evacuees of Katrina. Somehow you are getting them confused with those refugees of Sudan because they are black and poor. The people of New Orleans are not refugees, and they deserve the respect you give the rest of AmeriKKKa, you twits!

One more question: Were your precious Thanksgiving pilgrims refugees of England (or wherever the hell they were from?) Technically they were, but you all would never use such terminology to describe your precious "founding fathers!" Think about it, you a-holes.

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