Friday, September 23, 2005

My San Diego Vacation

Check out the official hip hop station of San Diego, Blazin 98.9.

I just checked out San Diego this week. It wasn't for that long of a trip, but it was cool. Most of my time was spent on business, and I got to listen to the radio and walk around a bit.

The radio in San Diego is interesting. I went to a Sam Goody and the merchants at the store were a bunch of musical snobs who gave me the cold shoulder when I told them I listened to the radio. I was talking about the latest songs I was hearing, and asking about them, but they did not seem interested.

San Diego radio is an interesting mix of regaeeton (did I spell right), g-funk, chicano rap, west coast hip hop, r&b and pop. The one song I heard the most of all was David Banner's "Play". It got to a point where when I got back to the hotel, I would think that the song would come on and it came on!

They constantly played that new song with Mobb Deep and 50 Cent, a regional hit called "Bumper" which mixed Latino regaee (regaeeton) and Chicano rap, and also the Kanye West/Jamie Foxx banger "Gold digger". I heard it so much because I played the radio constantly and San Diego sleeps. It's not the type of city where you can party during the week all nite; its done by at least 2 in the morning.

One event which I hope is succesful is a benefit for the victims of Katrina at the House of Blues in San Diego. It features Ray J, Lil Rob (a local Mexican rapper), Voltio (regaeeton) and others. For more info check out the site on Ticketmaster, if you happen to be in that area.

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