Monday, May 28, 2007

Barack Obama, Malcolm X and Al Qaida

It didnt get that much press, but there was some odd news blurb about one the of the leaders of Al Queda praising Malcolm X and asking Black Americans to join and support Al Queda. Thing about this was despite the seriousness of this news item (after all, we are a country at war against these people), I only found it on very few sites after doing a search for the story. Im not questioning the realness of the story or the validity, but why not the exposure? The only sites that I found this story on were mostly right wing sites like World Net Daily. Again, Im not questioning the validity of the story, I just find it odd that a statment by an Al Queda leader directed towards black Americans to join their fight was not given much exposure.

Funniest thing is that some right wing bloggers on Investors Business Daily and the American Thinker are trying to discredit Barak Obama because he is a black man who did not respond to this. On the Investors Business Daily site, they ask "Why the silence when al-Qaida's second-in-command urged African-Americans to join the holy war?" It's like, if someone with a black face doesn't tell all black America that terrorism is wrong and we shouldnt listen to somebody who we dont care about anyways, then we will all think, "Hmm, maybe I should drop everything and join these people." Do Republicans honestly think that ALL black people listen to Barak Obama?

This attempt on a very small scale to discredit Barak Obama for me brings up the notion that just because Barak is black that somehow he represents, speaks for, and is a leader to ALL black people. It's like, the implication is that he has to say something because he is black, and we have to listen because he is black!

This lumping together of black people is nothing new. Watching conservatives and these right wing extremists coming up with ways to discredit Obama is funny because so many of these people rely on prejudiced,stereotypical, backwards thinking about black people and it shows in what they write.

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