Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Pack and "Hyphy"

I've been promising for a long time to do an entry about the "Hyphy" group The Pack. Now this Hyphy thing at first I thought it was merely a bunch of Bay Area rappers trying to revive their careers, but when I picked up the latest issue of Murder Dog I found out that this is big in the Bay!

That brings me to this group called "The Pack". I've had this CD since January and I am finally doing my review of it. Being in Washington DC, I can tell you right now that hyphy isnt to popular here. Its not on the radio, and people dont take it all that serious. The average kid will look at you crazy if you talk about hyphy. I mostly get any Hyphy off Emusic, thats my #1 source, which has the whole Thizz Nation catalog. One funny rap that I found which talks about Hyphy is MC Lars "White Kids Ain't Hyphy"

But anyways, The Pack is the real deal, hyphy wise and even just as a rap group. These guys look like the bad azz kids I see hanging out at the local Mickey D's. Their music is about as Hyphy as it can get. Some of their songs remind me of that ATL bass music I heard on the radio when I went to Freaknik back in '94. They got mad energy, style (they made Vans cool!)and talent.

On their first EP entitled Skateboards 2 Scrapers, we are introduced to the Pack with such songs as Vans, Shining, and Freaky Boppas. Throughout the CD there are nice tracks with slow beats and they bump. The "Shining" track reminds me of the old school Electro stuff. Freaky Boppas would sound great in the club! Too Short lends a rap to the Vans Remix. The lyrics are pretty raw, so if you are offended by the use of the "B Word" and the "N Word", this group isnt for you.

The success of the EP has led to them being able to put out a full length album. They are the next generation of this Hyphy thing, and after E-40 and Too Short retire, they will rep the Bay Area to the fullest.

Check out the video for "Vans" on YouTube! Their website is The Pack Online!

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