Thursday, July 08, 2004

Brandy vs. Lloyd Banks

Of course, I guess it was a given Lloyd Bank's new album would hit #1.But did you think I'd post his pic on my site? Hell no! Brandy hit #3!
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Junior Mafia

Maybe I don't get it, but how can Junior Mafia, having only released 1 album, put out "The Best of Junior Mafia"?

Meth and Red controversy

I haven't seen the Meth and Red show yet, but it seems to be generating some kinda controversy!
Meth and Red not ghetto enough?

The comedy drew more than 8 million viewers in its debut Wednesday, but that didn't minimize Method Man's dissatisfaction. He told the Los Angeles Times the series has veered from his original vision because some executives or writers tried too hard to appeal to "Middle America" with "lame jokes."

"I know what I wanted this show to be, but there's been too much compromise on our side and not enough on their side," he said. He didn't know the series would have a laugh track, he said, adding, "This show doesn't need it."

Meth and Red too ghetto??

The really sad thing about this show is that black people, unlike the 1950's Amos 'n' Andy Show, are part of the decision making process, black folks are directly responsible for the images, vulgarity and content of Method Man and Red! The credits list Method Man as one of the Executive Producers and Redman as one of the producers. I’m all for poking fun at ourselves, laughter has helped us endure some truly horrific situations and experiences at the hands of white people in AmeriKKKa, but in my opinion the Method Man and Red Show is a modern offshoot of the buffoonery and debasement of the minstrel shows of a not so bygone era.

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