Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Old school rap
You know, working day to day, doing the 9-5 grind, and being kinda old to be dealing with today's rap, I always like to look back to the days when I was younger, hitting the strip clubs, going to class, going to the clubs and parties and trying to find the right kinds of saggy jeans and the "right kinds" of music. I didnt have to work, I lived off my parents, and I could sleep all day. I miss those days.

Pudgee tha Phat Bastard
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Released 10/26/1993.
He had that song where he said "Dead Presidents are dead but they still rule."

Chi Ali
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Released 3/24/1992.
Very distinguished kiddy rapper.

Da King and I
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Released 7/13/1993.
"Crack da Weasal" is a classic!

Released 6/9/1992.
Kinda like Das EFX, mostly tongue twisting rhymes.
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Original Flavor
Released 3/24/1994.
I remember seeing the video for "All That".
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Redman's 1st released 9/22/1992
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This was Redman at his best.

Some news.........

Looks like Snoop is just fine......

About a month into divorce, and Snoop is handling his. He's collaborating with the Neptunes to go "Rythmn and Gangsta". Will I buy it? Probably not.............

Check out Chuck D's TV Week on TRIO. Now who the hell even has TRIO? This is an interesting article about the line up for the cable network nobody has, most likely.

Pic of the day!

Brandy is a piece. I like her.

P Diddy introduces at his "White Party" his new organization Citizen Change. The major goal of this organization is what else? Voter registration. It'd be interesting to see what these groups become when the 2004 Election is over.

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