Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Latest: Rappers In Trouble with the Law

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I guess being in trouble with the law is some kind of prerequisite for hardcore gangsta rappers. I guess stuff happens, but its funny how much attention stories like the case of Ja Rule and C Murder make the news more than their artistic acheivements do.

Both artists stand on the sidelines of hip hop's current success. C-Murder was part of the whole No Limit bandwagon in the late 90's and Ja Rule had his success in 2000 and 2001, and is now a victim of the whole beef with 50 Cent. I've seen an advertisment for Ja's new album, heard his impressive new song on the radio, but will these legal troubles be part of Ja's struggle to stay relevant in the pop hip hop world and give him the same amount of success in a rap world dominated by Ja Rule haters? Im looking forward to the new album. C-Murder is another case. His is more drastic. Unless he collaborates with Lil Romeo, I can't see him getting out of his slump. I didn't like him when No Limit was hot, and I don't really care for him now.

On the political front, if Bush loses the election coming up, I sure am going to miss funny stuff like this!

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