Friday, July 02, 2004

I'm Bill Cosby, b**tch!

Great Scott, Bill, what's wrong with you? Lately you haven't been being yourself. We're all so used to your making faces, acting silly, and that's it? Why have you changed so much? What is goiing on?

Now, Bill, on some of the issues you are discussing, Im feelin' you, as these young kids say. I see what you are saying about how these youngsters today are calling each other "nigga". I understand why you are so angry. I see all these young guys dressin' in the baggy pants, looking like Ludacris and Chingy.

These damn youngsters!
You say that men aren't interested in school, they get their "shorties" pregnant, then beat 'em down like they glorify in all these damn rap songs, and they fool around in school chasing after these big bootied females in high school, don't plan a future, and end up at Wal Mart making 7.00 an hour. Boy, you go their number.

Damn kids! Take yo' behind to school!
So, what are we going to do about it Bill? I think you should go with that, take the show on the road. Better yet, have a tour. You've could put out a new CD. This is really hot material, Bill. Sure, the young hip hop hooligans won't like you, but Im sure that you'd tickle the fancy of old folks all across the board. I'm telling you Bill, run with this.

For real, I think this routine could be much better than that other "Cosby" show you had on CBS or the dreadful Leonard Part 6 (Im still waiting on 1-5, Bill!) I'll be the first one to buy a ticket!

P.S. If you need more material for your new act on how trifling the people you are targeting are, buy the Big Tymers CD "Hood Rich".

No really, I do like this CD!
Nice Album Cover!

I'm sure Bill wouldn't like this record cover for Chingy's "Right Thuur." Tight!
Halle Berry is Catwoman!

The original Catwoman

Halle Berry
First she played that black superhero in the X-Men flick, now the Catwoman. Go Halle!

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