Friday, July 22, 2005

Chicano rap

Check out: Chicano Rap Magazine
Check out: Homiez Music

As a music buyer I am real experimental. I buy and download tons of stuff that is just new; I get tired of listening to or talking about the same ol stuff.

Lately, I've taken an interest in Chicano rap. This subculture of rap goes right back to the roots of gangsta rap. I can see why people say it sucks, after all its all cliches and images, there's no real lyricism, and it can be downright moronic! However, this San Diego, California based subgenre has its finer points.

However, it is vastly ignored in most rap magazines. Murder Dog kinda touches on it, matter of fact they promote a little of it. BET, MTV? Forget it. It's also a double negative in the Raza really because most Hispanics like salsa music; they can't be bothered with rap; its too "black" for most of them. With only white teens being the primary audience for such a medium who don't know Spanish, it will take a lot of time for this art to get its props.

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