Sunday, July 17, 2005

Laughing at a bunch of white folks

When I read the book Blackface by Nelson George I learn about the black film trend of the 90s which brought to screens many intelligent, insightful black movies. This began in the late 80s and continued into the mid 90s. In 2005, that movement is totally dead. Black movies in the movie theater are totally nonexistent.

How it got that way can be attributed to many factors. Personally, I think the bottom line is the dollar. I ask myself, whatever happened to movies like the ones Spike Lee made, the ones Eddie Murphy made, even the middle class urban flicks like the movie The Brothers and Two Can Play That Game.

Now black movies have been totally focused in on the youth. Ice Cube is a notable exception, but can't any other black actors get a break? I guess my complaints can go on and on, so with no alternative, I decided instead of seeing black movies, I will do the next best thing; go to a movie like The Wedding Crashers, and laungh at a bunch of white folks.

Now, this movie is the whitest movie I have seen in a long time. I don't look at movies and factor in race, but with this one? Oh yeah, its white. Very, very white. Funniest thing about this movie is that the only black character is a butler (of course!) But the characters are so white they are funny.

There are so many white stereotypes in the movie, and if you can make the distinction between left and right politically, you see in the movie who is right wing and who is left wing, it can really be seen in that way!Funny, funny white people.

And the main characters are just whiter than white too. You got this one guy who looks like Rod Stewart. He's shown as a guy who can bag alot of broads. I really couldn't understand what kind of person he was trying to portray. Was he a surfer dude? A pretty boy? Or just a guy who looks like Rod Stewart who can get a lot of chicks? Rod Stewart is cool....I guess.

And the other guy, he's the tall, no BS taking, sarcastic pretty boy. He had sideburns. Im like thinking, what's his deal? Is he trying to be Andrew Dice Clay? Or is he trying to be Elvis? Elvis is cool....I guess.

Plot is'nt worth talking about, heck, this whole movie ain't worth talking about, but if you're black and you gotta put up with a bunch of white people all day, and they get on your nerves, check out the Wedding Crashers. Not only is it a funny white movie, but its also about an hour longer than it should be. So you might want to be a 40 ounce and some corner store chicken wings and rice to the movie theater and make a night of it. If you don't like it, fall asleep, you won't miss much.

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