Saturday, July 23, 2005

Stuff to check out

I like this site Abandoned Nation:

“I always said that we was either gonna be the illest rap team or the illest gang, bottom mutha’fucking line,” Saigon remembers from his early vision of Abandoned Nation. It was around 1997, in a Correctional Facility in Upstate, NY, when the Nation first started to take shape. Passing through notorious jails like Napanoch, Fishkill, Coxsackie, Comstock and others, Saigon and his team each earned their own rep’s for getting busy. In and out of the box, fighting, cutting, stabbing or whatever it took to get by, everyone held it down individually. But when they finally came together they found they all had the same problem: they were alone. They had each been “abandoned”—by family, friends or society as a whole. As time went on, they grew to depend on each other and soon became like a family. And thus, Abandoned Nation was born. At first it was Saigon, Omega, Omnipotent, B.I.C., Lucky Childz 16, Naquan and others.....

I heard about this DVD, The Life of Rayful Edmond - Rise and Fall Vol. 1 (2005). It's about this drug kingpin from here in DC who was running the streets at around the same time I came to Howard University in Washington DC back in 1988. I'm going to try to pick it up at some of these sneaker stores at this mall. It's be cool if I could find a bootleg, but I will take it upon myself to support a young black filmaker.

I brought the first Latino men's magazine Fuego Magazine,and its kinda tight. Check it out!

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