Friday, July 29, 2005

What Im listening to....

Today I made my own mix CD. Its a sampling of a wide variety of music so I will share my lil playlist that I made.

I started it out with two classics....Guy's "Groove Me" and Al B Sure!'s "Off On Your Own Girl". Those are straight up New Jack Swing R&B classics; reminds me of when I started Howard U in 1988.

The next song is Ohh Baby Baby from Lil Rob. Im still trying to feel out this whole cholo rap thing, but this is so bottom of the barrel. I like it when cats rap to oldies, and that is what cholo rap is, Mexicans rapping to oldies. But talk about no skills; this cat talks over the beat. No flow here.

Speaking of oldies, I put in the classic "People Make the World Go Round" by The Temprees. I've heard the Westside Connection version of it (Gangstas Make The World Go Round) and the Washington DC go-go version, but this is a straight up classic.

Next came the gangsta group from Flint Michigan, The Dayton Family. Talk about hardcore, these brothers are really hardcore. They did this song with Kurupt called Calico, and it is hot! Its got an ill chorus, and they talk like some gangstas, nothing held back. It'll be felt in the Midwest and the West, maybe.

After that, I put on this new rap group Psalm One. They are hardcore female rappers who do straight up hip hop. Its the total opposite of Lil Kim or Foxy Brown. Not taking away from those groups, but this song, "Dubblewood Pipe" is some straight up head nod type stuff.

Then I put on for just curiousity Jack Kerouac's song "Come Rain or Shine". I expected it to be some abstract beat poet spoken word type stuff. It stunk. Sounded like he was trying to rock this Frank Sinatra imitation. Patrimoine is a rap in French and though I don't understand the lyrics I was feeling the 70s like beat and this is hot probably in Africa.

The best song I had on my mix was Airplane by Thaione Davis. This had the hottest beat, the best rhymes, it was meaningful straight up underground hip hop, the type the radio stopped playing like ten years ago, but it doesn't sound old, it sounds light years beyond the crap the radio plays now.

I put some old to new gangsta rap on here, I had the Game's "We Are the Hustlaz" and NWA's "Always Into Something". The Game's song was good, it is the stuff that is put out by some cats in the bay who put the Game on before he met Dre. It had a good beat, and Game is Game before the hype and beefs.

I didn't really like "Baby" by Razah ft Jewelz or Nate Dogg's "Bad Girls" because the songs are half-azzed. Beat is alright but these songs I skipped most of the day.

The last song was "Battlefield" by 7L and Esoteric. Really good underground stuff, but this song wasn't their best.

Pretty good mix for a Friday! Music came from Emusic,Itunes and Digital Junkees.

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