Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hip Hop Against Terrorism?

When I came across the list of new releases via Pro Hip Hop, I found a "Hip Hop Against Terrorism [IMPORT]" I thought that it was going to be a bunch of songs about terrorism. I thought it would thought provoking, challenging stuff. Here is the song list:

1. Meeting (Intro)
2. Pimp Talk
3. Get This Money
4. Toast 2 the Pussy
5. How Rife
6. Baller's Night Out
7. A.K. Ripper
8. Mar Chin
9. Golf Course
10. Gangsta
11. Pandemonium (Against Terrorism)
12. Rider's Ride
13. Pandemonium
14. Gangsta Sh*t
15. Do It 4 the Gangstas
16. Thug Lords
17. Respect (Song for East)

Oh well, I guess I was just asking for too much. Thought provoking indeed. At least they had one song "against terrorism".

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