Monday, November 21, 2005


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DMX Does Rikers, Jeezy Aint Sorry For The Snow, Cam Won't Snitch...

On Friday DMX was sentenced to 70 days behind bars including an extra ten days because he showed up thee hours late to court. The judge says he gave him the additional punishment because he showed a lack of respect and immediately sent him to Rikers. X blamed his lateness on an asthma attack.

More on Diddy and the lOx- for the record- diddy says he only made about 400-thousand dollars off the group throughout their career, while they had only generated about one-point-five-million dollars total. HE also made a really good point he said. .."I want to see them or any other artist (try this with another label- call sony and ask them to just let me out the contract -- No. You ain't gonna call Sony with that, because they are not gonna take your call. You not going to call Universal with that, because it's a contract... This isn't gangsta. This isn't even manly. This is borderline funny-style... Diddy didn't stop there- he called Voletta because Cease had said that Voletta wanted him on the biggie album and that diddy had blocked it- so Voletta said that Cease should mind his own business—

Young Jeezy makes no apologies for his past as a drug dealer, and he says the snow man isn't such a big deal. Jeezy says he'll continue to promote the Snowman -- in fact, it's the logo for his forthcoming clothing line.

The suspect who shot Cam probably won't go to jail. The case has stalled due to Cam's lack of cooperation. D-C authorities can't track him down, and now they're trying to find ways to force his assistance. Cam is serving five years' probation for a gun conviction in New York so they may subpoena him. Juelz Santana tells the Washington Post, "Cam isn't going to do it. It's not in our nature. He isn't going to stand up and point out a guy in a witness line and say, 'That is the dude who shot me.' We all came from the street."

The money laundering trial of The Inc. hasn't even entered its third day yet, and 50 Cent has already become involved. The defense is arguing that Fif has nothing to do with the trial, but prosecutors asked the judge to allow witnesses to be questioned on 50's June 2000 shooting. They claim the hit was orchestrated by Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff as a return favor for Irv laundering Supreme's drug money through The Inc. The Judge allowed the line of questioning, which could eventually lead to 50 being subpoenaed to testify. The trial continues today.

Nelly is putting his money where his mouth is. He and Jermaine Dupree –Nelly says they left a strip club feeling guilty after spending more than $10,000 in a single night. So they thought: "How 'bout we go to the toy store and break the kids off, [it's] almost Christmas time." The next day the two matched the amount they'd spent at the flesh palace in toys, and delivered the gifts to needy tots

50 CENT won Best Original Song for " maybe we crazy" (it's from his new game bulletproof) at the 2005 Video Games Awards over the weekend. He performed the song on the show and this must have been awkward because it was hosted by SAMUEL L. JACKSON who turned down a role in "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'." The show airs December 10th on Spike TV.

50 CENT'S "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" soundtrack debuted at number one after selling 317 thousand copies last week, however the movie dropped from number four to number seven - it earned four point-four million dollars. Last weekend it earned twelve million (wed through Friday it made 6).

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" grossed one hundred one-point four million ($101.4 million) to easily claim number one at the box office. That is the fourth-best, three-day opening weekend ever, behind "Spider-Man" at $114.8 million and "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" and "Shrek 2" at $108 million.
On the album chart the new CD from FLOETRY, "Flo'Ology," debuted at number two selling 77 thousand copies.

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