Friday, November 18, 2005

Wild Style on Emusic

Wild Style soundtrack on Emusic!

Growing up in East Hampton, CT, I was far away from NYC. It's a small town, but we had some really good breakers who won a bunch of breakin' contests. It was funny, they were white lower and middle class kids comin' straight outta East Hampton, a little dump of a town with like 1% non-white folks back then.

It was like 1984, and my father used to dominate the TV on Friday Night. I never got to see USA Network's "Night Flight", a music and pop culture oriented bunch of shows thrown together which was a staple of the the pre-MTV 80s. USA Network sucks now, but they were on some shyt when they had that on.

However, I remember them advertising the movie "Wild Style", and I had heard about it from books I was reading and I read about in the local NYC papers when I took trips to NYC to visit my sister. I just had to see it, so I had to make a plan to get my father away from the TV.

At the same time, I was starting all boys Catholic school. I used to like sit by myself at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to take us to the school which was like in the next town, because I dunno, I hated the idea of going to Catholic school, and didn't wanna hang with Catholic HS kids. My father saw this, and he was all wondering why I didn't mix and mingle. So when he asked me about it, I told him I would mix with the other Catholic School kids at the bus stop, and if I did, he would let me have the TV that Friday Night.

He did, and as a result, he allowed me to see Wild Style, the greatest hip hop movie of all time. I recorded it on our VCR, and it was flawless. I cut out the commercials and everything. I still have that copy to this day. I even drew some graf on it, and made it look real live. It was the shyt!

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