Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Local DC News

A couple of interesting Washington DC items:

There used to be a club called Killimanjaro's in the Adams Morgan area of Washington DC. That club got shut down. People used to joke about that club, calling it "Kill a nigga man jaros" I remember one story about how they thought this guy was asleep and at the end of the night woke him up, and found out he was shot. Now they got a club called Kili's which is being shut down because too many people are getting shot up. But really, why would anybody go to a club if the name even sounds like "Kill"?

Finally, they are admitting it: Most D.C. Property Priced Out Of Reach But really, I was told again and again that this would happen. I lived in DC in the 90's when property was mad cheap. However, rents were cheap too, and I was hooked! I was paying like $540 for a halfway decent spot not far away from downtown, very convenient, and I wasn't even thinking of buying any houses back then. In the old days I could've brought a nice house for $100,000. Instead, I've just closed on a house in Burtonsville, MD. We are all getting pushed out there. As the article says:

Soaring prices since the late 1990s have reshaped the profile of the typical home buyer, who is increasingly likely to be white and well off in a market where the average home sold for $450,000 last year, the report said. The cost of ownership rose in every part of the city, the report said, with sharper increases in modest neighborhoods such as Anacostia than wealthier ones such as Cleveland Park.

And Anacostia is the 'hood! As for Cleveland Park, that's old folks and 20-30 something Starbucks drinkin' attorneys making at least $150,000 a year.

The house I just got is nice, but I have always wanted a house in the city. Oh well, better a nice house in a decent neighborhood in the 'burbs than a sky high expensive house in the 'hood.

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